A letter to my car…

Dear 96 Caprice,

Why do you teeter on the brink of madness? Why do you pull me into your diseased jumble of metal and grease, teasing me with the hope of sputtering to life? Caprice, why is it you fail to work for me in the time of our greatest need even after we coddle and worship you like a queen, king, inanimate object which has apparently androgynous features?

I call you my Legion car, befitting, since you are a bane to my existence plus the problems you have are many.

Until today, that is, the exorcism of your blinding Pass Key Fault and Check Engine Light were indeed successful despite the gutteral screaming escaping from your  AC Compressor .

Although, you run today, I fall to my knees and pray to the Radiator Gods that you will be fine in our Herculean journey which may lead us into the fiercest battle of them all, “Holiday Shopping“.

Many thanks go out to the Mobile Mechanic who came to our house saving us a whole lotta money. Towing is expensive. My beautiful Caprice is running, although, still no Air Conditioner. The Mobile Mechanic was actually very fair and only had a 70 dollar consultation fee before he would work on the car, he would go over the options available to us. Pretty good guy and to top it off he was a Veteran. Extremely knowledgeable in his field and would gladly call him up when my car breaks down which will eventually happen.



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