Three Kings Day

When I was in college, a very good friend of mine took me to my first ever Three Kings  Day celebration. I was living in the Rio Grande Valley near the Texas-Mexico border and was having severe homesickness and culture shock. Even in Texas, we Tejanos are different depending on where we live and how close our connection is to our culture. That said, my abuelos were isolated in their small towns and adapted their culture thus creating the Tex- Mex culture that is associated with food.

She took me to her aunt’s house where they had a Rosco de Reyes and homemade Hot Chocolate. I had never experienced this celebration before and was anxious to learn more. Although, we do celebrate the Three Kings Day during Catholic Mass, I never realized that there was another celebration altogether. I never knew about the gift giving and the party you had to make if you found Baby Jesus in your piece of bread.

It felt like I was watching another element of my culture that I never knew about. After, I left the Valley. I never really gave much thought to Three Kings Day until I had my own children. Three Kings Day is not only a celebration but it has a religious meaning that supercedes the gift giving and should not be commercialized which I see happening. Felicidades on this most joyous Three Kings Day !


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