Wanna Bead?

My first resolution was to start a hobby. So, I did. I chose making beaded jewelry which to me I ended up being pretty good at. I never thought I would have a talent for making jewelry much less the patience for stringing and wire wrapping. Which, let me tell you is WAY harder than it looks. In fact, I wasted many a wire just trying to fasten a loop.

In the end, a good friend of mine from Growing Up Blaxican exclaimed to me “This is more than just a hobby.” She thought it would be all neon beads.  I never really thought about what my “hobby” would look like. It is so much fun stringing the beads together.  It relaxed me and I found a sort of inner peace while doing it.

There is a little shop near my house in Gulfway Shopping Center called Foxy Designs and it is the prettiest, sparkly bead place. They have so many different types of beads from crystal, to glass .to pearl, Seed Beads, Swarovski’s Crystals, medallions, bracelets, necklaces, shoes, I could go on and on.

When I first walked into the shop, I was so very apprehensive and confused about the beads and where to start. I had started to make earrings. Small earrings but was yearning for more.  Juan was the first person who helped me and he showed me how to strand on elastic wire and make knots. I picked a few strands of beads and rushed home where I promptly began to make bracelets for my son, daughter, and just because.

Today I went back to Foxy Designs and picked up findings, tools, beads, and medallions. The young woman who helped me was so easy-going, friendly, and helpful. The owner is inviting and gets to know her customers.  After 3 visits, they recognixed me which is important as a consumer. They are anxious to show you how to make anything that you have a question on.  I felt so relaxed and invited that I am now a loyal customer. The atmosphere is helpful, polite, and fun.

If they can help a novice like me, it is definitely worth a look.  Look at what they helped me to create:



4 thoughts on “Wanna Bead?

  1. helensadornmentsblog January 8, 2012 — 7:32 pm

    I love your creations. I have a need to bead too.:)

    1. Thanks. I have indeed picked up the bug and am trying to learn all the basics before I begin to branch out. Practice makes Perfect!

  2. Yay amiga so excited for you.

  3. Your new hobby is beautiful, Jessica! Congratulations :)

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