Texas Winter

Winter has come and gone here in the South. In fact, we rarely have a typical winter. Our coldest day was in the 40’s and lasted maybe about two weeks. However, the last month has been filled with warm Springy days and a little rain. All, the weather hiccups and we have not been tending to the backyard. I know people have to shovel snow in winter but who likes to mow grass year round? Not this Tejana.

Here are a few picks of our casa and yard:


A tree in our yard.

Big E spent the day working on the yard.

It shocks me about how many wildflowers and wild vines we have growing in our yard since we do live in the city. In one corner of our home there is a small bunch of Aloe Vera plants which I sometimes cut a piece off and keep in the fridge. My abuelita used to do the same thing. I found some red berries/tomatos/who knows along the back fenceline.

 We are debating what they are. I was hoping Chile de Monte also known as Chile Piquin so I tasted it. Definitely not, Big E worried I had eaten a poisonous berry. I posted this pic and one of my friends mentioned it could be Nightshade and not to eat it. Well, I tasted it but spit it out right away. That information could have been useful when I was outside.

Growing up, I have memories of picking fruit off the peach tree at my Abuela and Abuela’s house. I remember picking blackberries off my Grandma Locha’s tree hiding my purple stained hands.  I look forward to fresh picked fruit at our local Farmer’s Market.

Rain is still coming this week and we do need it after our horrendous drought. But, I actually am looking forward to the warmer weather.


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