29…is not that bad a number, right?

Some of my really good friends know I am not that big on Birthdays. In fact many of my birthdays in my early twenties were spent with a few friends drinking at local pubs and bars in the Rio Grande Valley. A few friends, some food, and some friends has always been my favorite way to spend my birthday.  Here was the last time I remember having a party.

My mom and I

I think the only other party was my Quincenera/Sweet Sixteen. . I celebrate everyone else’s birthday with gusto especially Big E and the kids. I just don’t do big, over the top parties. However, now that I am 29 getting closer to the big Three-Oh. I am thinking next year will come with a party.

I feel as though I have truly entered into adulthood as awkward as that may sound. At 25, I had already begun my career in teaching with two years under my belt. I married in June on the beach in the eary A.M.

Being 29 is where I have rediscovered me. It is the year I have chosen to become a better woman, mother, friend, and wife. This year I have made so many new and amazing friends from across the country. Bloggers, activists, writers, poets, and friends from old lives. There are a few who I carry in my heart always. You are an integral part of who I am and where I have ended up.

Without technology, I may never have had the oppotunity to reconnect with old friends. I am grateful for having them brought back into my life. 29 is where I do what is best for me and not what I think or feel is appropriate. For too long, I have let the idea of “What will people think?” ideal to crush me into never stepping out of the box. Those of you who knew me in College will be stunned by that. I was never an in the box person but over the years you evolve to maintain what is deemed appropriate to keep yourself working.

Staying at home with my beautiful children is the best decision I made for me and my family. It has given me the opportunity to write more, discover a new talent, and to get organized. Somewhat, anyway.

I want you to know that each day with you is a blessing. Each day is a shining path to a dream which only you can follow even if the road becomes hidden or dulled. Moments in life are all meant for us to decide what it is we truly want to do. Almost being thirty has meant that I want to leave a mark. Good or bad, I want to see a difference in how we treat each other and how we approach our differences.

Another year, a great year to come. A year in which I know great things will happen. I welcome the change. I welcome you and no longer will I be bound by any societal norm, instead I will follow my own sense of right. Our journey has begun.

Thank you for the Birthday Well Wishes. I love you, all.




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