This past weekend I decided to take the plunge and took a class on Silversmithing.  I walked in a little late and I was nervous. There were about four students and it was held at a Casa de Oro Jewelers. Honestly I  was a little intimidated the first time by the having to get buzzed in thing. But, I needed to remember that they are a jeweler as well as a bead store. Although they do not have an extensively large bead wall as the other bead stores. They were one of the first bead stores in Corpus Christi as the lovely woman  who owns the store mentioned to me. It is a family run business, two thumbs up, there.

They have every tool you could want as well as wire wrapping tools. They have torches, files, Swarovski Crystals as well as Preciosa Beads, sterling silver wire, plates, bezels, loose gems, and findings. Plus, they have all the beading magazines there.  I feel much more comfortable being there now that I have taken the class.

The fire, the metal, the tools, very intimidating. Stringing seemed ,like a piece of cake. I wanted to go the easy way and make a bezel pendent but instead decided to make a ring. We also had the opportunity to free form a wire piece. Did I mention my wire wrapping is abysmal? I also created hammered earrings. I loved creating the hammered earrings. LOVED IT!! I want a hammered bracelet. I had so much fun and the instructor was amazing.

Unfortunately, my camera did not have a memory card and I couldn’t take pics of the class but I have my finished pieces. We soldered charms onto the sheets before filing, cutting and soldering them onto a base. Unfortunately, my focal was a little small so we had to glue it into the base. I have several flaws in the piece such as not spreading the glue enough and not hiding the metal backing.

Other than that, I am happy with the pieces and am anxious to take a Viking Knit class and an Advanced Metal Working class. I can’t wait to get my hands on the kit to start working my own magic.

I wanted to recreate Spring in this ring. It has an Owl, shout out to La Lechusa, wildflowers and even a Little Road Runner or Paisano.

Spring in Texas

Photo By Tejana Made

Here is the trio in all it’s glory.



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