Book Review: To Selena, With Love

As I delved into Chris Perez’s new book “ To Selena, With Love“, I was instantly reminded of how fresh her death feels in the small city of Corpus Christi, Tx. I reside in this beach city and pass by the Selena monument on Ocean Drive, every chance that I get.  I still remember seeing Selena at a local Fiesta and I think is was in Alice, Tx.

As a young girl, I remember listening to Selena. She was one of the few female Tejano Singers. My own prima had Selena and Los Dinos sing at her Quincenera or so the story goes. My favorite song had to be Amor Probido and Como La Flor. I can still hear Selena’s mesmerizing voice. I can remember dancing to her songs at Quinces and Weddings. Most of all I remember the sparkling bra. The fact she lived in Corpus Christi made her more real to me as young tween. She was from where we were from. She was just like us. She could sing in Spanish but spoke in English. I could belt out Selena lyrics, out of tune, but at least semantically correct even if I never understood them.

In essence, Selena was kinda of like the Tejano Elvis. Her death was tragic and had a huge impact on all of our lives. We had lost a great performer and a person we all looked up to that day. I was at a Track Meet in Benavides, TX when I heard about Selena’s death. People openly  wept at the meet and even those  in the announcer’s box began to talk about the breaking news.

Selena was gone but never forgotten. Selena the movie made her face even more recognizable and helped her reach a broader audience even if it was post humoursely.I If you know nothing about Selena and never experienced growing up with her music as we did, then this books will amaze you at the amount of raw emotion that Perez writes about from falling heads over heels in love to his tragic loss.

As a long time fan of Selena, I was more interested in Chris’s honesty about his marriage. I loved that he talked about the hardships surrounding his marriage and how he and Selena rediscovered their love for each other. I thought that this was such an important issue for all couples.

Most of all I enjoyed his heartfelt adoration of his wife’s smile, her voice, her adventurous side, and her determination. The one thing that stood out about this memoir is his grief. This book gave us a view into his grief and how music pulled him out.  It was beautiful to see how his emotions revolutionized his music and his hard work was rewarded.

My favorite lines came at the end of the memoir when he stated:

Selena showed those who were struggling-migrant workers, schoolchildren,housewives with domineering husbands, teens rebelling against their conservative parents – that persistence and hard work pay off, and you can be ambitious without leaving your family and cherished values behind.”

This message especially resonated with Hispanic-Americans, many of whom like Abraham, had experienced racism during their lives simply for speaking Spanish-or for looking like they could.”

Chris Perez has paid a wonderful homage to a beloved singer and wife inciting a new appreciation for Selena and for their love. This book is a way to reconnect with a time in history that catapulted a young woman and band into stardom. I admire Perez for his courage and for his ability to finally show the world the real Selena.

The book is available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Plus, I am giving away a free copy of the book here.

Just leave your Twitter handle or email.  Winners will be chosen randomnly. (Contest is closed)


( I was sent a copy of this book for Review but the opinions written  are my own.)


9 thoughts on “Book Review: To Selena, With Love

  1. What a great review! I love Selena! I remember when I visited my hubby’s family in Mexico, they had a huge poster of her on the wall. Her death was so tragic. She is loved and missed by soooooo many!
    I had no idea her husband had written a book! I would love to read it!

  2. Selena, we will never forget you. — @Texano78704

  3. I am interested to see if he clears up any of the rumors surrounding her death.

  4. Cant wait to read this book.

  5. Thanks for doing this giveaway! :) If I win, my email is grigory99 at yahoo dot com

    *crosses fingers*

  6. Mel or melissa ( Melissa Potter} August 29, 2012 — 2:31 pm

    I love and respect Selena and will always have a very special place in my heart and memory for her and everything she stood for and believed was right. most of all Selena was honest and lived her life and hid nothing from her fans. This will address the other comment asking if this book will clear up rumors about Selena. Take the time to get to know Selena from her start to her tragic short lived life and you will know she was one of the very few real stars in the music business she has remained in death as she did in life honest, a loving daughter,sister,aunt,friend and a wife who wanted to start a family and live her life in and out of the spot light. Selena loved her fans and gave everything she had in her performances and whatever she was asked to do. Selena gave much more from her heart because as she said she was so lucky and blessed and got so much from her fans she wanted to give everything she could in return. Selena never believed she was a star or thought she needed body guards or people to protect her she loved her fans and believed they loved her and because she was not capable of hurting anyone she felt nobody would hurt her. Thank you for your review and giving those of us who want to keep her alive in our hearts and memories a place to come and remember and share what made her so loved and now sadly so missed by so many. RIP SELENA and God be with her family,loved ones,and fans she was forced to leave behind. I am sorry this was such a long reply and thank you for allowing me to share. Take Care, Sincerely Mel

  7. I wanna win a copy of this!!!!!!

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