Chingona Fest: Heidi Sanchez, Razor Sharp Media

Chingona Fest is sneaking up on us…tomorrow is the BIG DAY! Big ups, to the women gearing up for this wonderful festival. I have another lovely Chingona for you today. Her name is Heidi Sanchez, owner of Razor Sharp Media and founder of online e-zine called Jacked.  This wonderful woman also helped me get my logo in gear for my business cards and she was a so helpful since I was always so confused. She had patience with me, because I know I can be easily distracted.

What made you want to participate or begin this type of Empowerment Festival?

The name of the festival says it all. Haha.  When I spoke to Dee Herrera about this the first time, I told her that I would help her in any way that I could.  Since I have done events before, I offered the little experience that I could, and hope that I have done enough to help her.  When I met up with her, we had several other women at this meeting and it was such a positive meeting, that I could not help but want to be involved!  I love the concept of this fest and the future events that this event will spark!  I am only happy to have been a small part of it all, and hope that the future holds all that I believe it will!  It is a great and noble thing to have started and continue throughout the years! I can only hope that we can continue to make this a tradition for the future Chingonas out there! Thanks for your support, it is definitely greatly appreciated!!

What types of music/craft/or business do you create/offer?

Well, my business offers printing, such as business cards, logo design, banners, posters, koozies, flyers, and much more.  We also have the capability to make commercials for television or radio, we also provide photography for events and parties, and we also sell apps for the iPhone and Android markets.  We can print just about anything as far as merchandise is concerned for promotion of businesses.  I also host karaoke at a local McAllen bar called Cypress Lounge every Wednesday night.  I am also looking into selling life insurance, lol.  We keep busy.

What has been the hardest thing for you so far?

The hardest thing has been getting started.  John and I have been working on the printing business for about four years now, and this is the first time we open an actual office.  Of course, opening an office came with it’s issues.  The computer broke down, things went wrong…again, survival is the name of the game.  So, getting started is what’s been the most difficult thing for us so far, but we keep trucking along!


What inspires and motivates you?

I am motivated by wanting to help people become more. I feel that people in the RGV, and many of our culture in general, have come to be happy or content with the status quo.  I’m an exception.  I want people to succeed and get motivated to want and do more.  If people can do more for themselves, they are more likely to help others do the same….it’s a matter of trying to start a domino effect. I feel that if I am able to help others get to a higher or better place in their lives, then I have done well.  Much of what motivates me is the hardships that I have endured on my own, and the strength and support that I have gotten from my friends, not necessarily family, but people whom I have come to see as family.

As a Latina/Hispanic/Mexican American, what is one thing that has affected your craft/music/business and how do you deal with it or balance it?

The one thing that I feel affects my life, whether it’s my creativity, music, or business is survival.  There are so many out there who spread negativity like a disease.  This makes it harder on those of us who are trying to make something of our own lives.  I have always had a passion for music, singing was the one thing I loved, I quit singing after several people whose opinion mattered to me discouraged me in one way or another. I had to let go of a lot of myself for a long time, due to those I loved or claimed they loved me.  They just would not accept me for the true person that I was. Now that I am older, I have discovered myself again, thanks to the man in my life, I have surfaced and now it’s full force to achieve what I can, whether people like it or not. I feel that I have survived many things and that there is a reason for it, so….I make it happen if possible. 

 Heidi can be reached at :

Razor Sharp Marketing and Media

1113 W. Pecan Blvd. McAllen, TX 78501

Office: 956-627-4413

Cell: 956-292-6867

There we have it folks. Your printing needs all taken care of in one fail swoop as well as any other business promotions you need. I hope you are as excited as I am to meet these wonderful, powerful, strong, ladies.



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