Chingona Fest 2012

Big E and I didn’t know if we were going to attend the festival until about the day before the event. We packed everything up,left the kiddos with their Nana, and drove the 2 hours to the RGV. Once we arrived, I got lost, as usual. I am forever lost. I finally recognized the streets and felt as though it was a strange sort of homecoming for me. I spent the best four years of my early twenties trying to discover myself and feel comfortable in my own skin. I  didn’t become more appreciative of my education and readings until I left Edinburg, TX.

There is a sense of loss sometimes and a sense of reconnection to my culture now that I am not fully immersed in it anymore. The journey of reconnection is not easy and nor will it ever be complete because of the duality I have. I am neither one or the other. The festival blended everything in one fluid sweep. Spanish and English flowing all around us as well as spatters of slang. Music performed by amazing artists. My favorites were the acoustic acts as well as the poetry readings. There was a proudness at the festival and a good vibe. We had so much fun. I had the opportunity to talk to so many amazing people.

Our table, we accidentally bought a fitted sheet instead of a flat sheet, but we rocked it. I also did not have time to get my cards done so we decided to just write our site on the sheet.  Waste not, want not, besides like one kind customer said “It’s Earth Day”. Right On…

We stand by our products and try to make them of the best quality beads/stones. We had Mal Ojo bracelets, Calavera Bracelets, and all kinds of Rosarios. It was fun answering questions that the public asked. I would have made Bead Magazine proud. We actually sold around seven or eight pieces which was amazing. We may not have moved much merchandise but we were able to get our name out there!

Mitch a teacher and artist who hand paints all the paintings behind her as well as making hand painted leather cuff bracelets. I really loved talking with her.

The lovely Chingonas from Deadly Doll Bowtique and isn’t that skull so cool.

Here are the Chingonas from Sweet Indulgence and their cakes looked amazing. I tried to get better pics but the lighting was not very good and I have a basic camera.

I believe she was from Black Cherry Boutique. I love her black dress!

Poison Kollection and I loved her t-shirts and her jewelry. I didn’t even get a chance to shop!

Big E supporting Anna, Face Painter of Epic Awesomeness.  I mean, he looks great!  When we crossed the Border Patrol checkpoint (not to be confused with the border customs), the agent look at the computer and walked to the truck, very serious and after the regular questions smirked, and said “What’s the deal with the paint?”. We explained we had come back from a fest and he said “Good, I saw it in the camera but thought it was playing tricks on me.”

I had such a good time and I look forward to next year!



5 thoughts on “Chingona Fest 2012

  1. love ur post! The festival looks very cool! How awesome you went. Wish they had stuff like this where I live. Thanks for sharing. Hubbys face paint looks awesome!

    1. Lol commenting from my cell… This is Tara.

    2. It was so much fun! We had a blast and at 9pm was when the bands started playing. I had to have a frozen margarita…has too!

  2. What a awesome event, still kicking myself for not going. Love the pics and your hubby’s face painting is very COOL!!

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