Throwback Thursday: All the Way to the Ranchito

I decided to write a Throwback Thursday post. I have been reminiscing lately about my small town upbringing and how I wish I could somehow get back to that sort of life that I feel so disconnected from. A friend of mine wrote a lovely little antcedote about how she felt like a stranger in the place where she grew up. I feel the same way. I feel like a stranger in my old life and that the new me is so much different from her yet I still cling to those small memories of the what people call “homestead”. I grew up on a ranch. I helped Abuelo pick his vegetables, gather eggs, skin a deer, and help with the cabritos (goats).

I also remember eating fresh green peaches off the trees much to the dismay of my Abuelo who would say between the birds and the kids, he never had enough grapes and peaches. It was true. Although I had the perfect picture of me wearing boots and all, I couldn’t find it so you will have to make due with what I got.

As a teenager who lived in a small rural communty, I was an active participant in 4-H. I started showing rabbits and then lambs eventually earning a buckle as did my brother and step brother. We showed goats, lambs, and steers. I always wanted to show a steer. My step-father didn’t think it appropriate but eventually I got my steer from a Full Flush offspring back in early 2000 I can’t really remember. We showed year round that season. I went to shows all across Texas to get ready for San Antonio Livestock Show where I placed but was not given the opportunity to go to the big show. Overall Grand Champion is a huge deal with high cash prizes!

I did sell my steer, I think we called him Batman. I remember he bellowed enough to wake me up and I had to shovel lots of poop. He is in the chute because we were washing and trimming him before a show.

He was a gorgeous steer and he did sell in San Antonio which was a very big deal coming from a little old town like mine! I really hope my kids get involved in 4-H. I really enjoyed it even the homemaking parts.  Here  I am in all my booted glory but you can’t really see the boots!

He was still small in this picture and he ended up weighing over 2000 pounds if I can recall. That man walking around is the judge and I believe I placed in the top three this show, it was a long time ago. But, here is a look at who I am or at least a part of who I am!



1 thought on “Throwback Thursday: All the Way to the Ranchito

  1. I’m so happy you participated. I learned so much about you!!! This was an awesome post. I had no idea….. We have 4-H club in the schools here. It is a popular club. I loved the pics! Your steer was beautiful and you really looked like you knew what you were doing. This must have been a great way to grow up.

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