Week One of the 60 day slimdown

I am still making the transistion to real food nearly cutting everything out except sodas ( i know). My whole life I have struggled with weight loss and for a moment had a brush with an eating disorder (when I was an avid Powerlifter). Now, I am faced with  Type 2 Diabetes.

South Texas has the highest number of people, especially Latinos, with Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes. I began to wonder the why’s behind our high numbers. Was it diet? Was it portion size? I still think it is a combination of everything just like others who are facing obesity. I truly believe eating out and lack of exercise is contributing to our high levels of obesity in South Texas. It is easy to gain the weight and so difficult to take it off.

Big E and I have gained over 10o pounds combined in the last four years. As the numbers on the scale rose and rose, we decided to be proactive. We made a bet to see who could lose the most weight. If I won, I could get a kiln and if he won a TV. We extended the bet till the end of August giving us both an opportunity to reap the benefits of real food eating.

I desperately wanted a change and I thought , hmmm, accountability. Here is the place where I can hold myself accountable. I can report in to my readers about my ups and downs. I can talk about my failures and my accomplishments.  I was doing Turbofire up until a few weeks  but man it was killer on my knees.  I modified it to my body but I still had a little trouble.  My sports injuries from my college and high school days are taking an effect on my ability to work out.

I recently found Moms Into Fitness and was blown away by Lindsay’s story and her weight loss photos. It gave me hope as a mom who has been dying to get her post baby bod back.

Do people still say bod?

Anyway, I wanted a change so I reached out and now I get to share with you guys my experiences while doing the 60 day SlimDown Weight Loss and Nutrition.

I was granted the lovely privilege of the Ultimate Package. . All the videos are there for you to download at your convenience and you can take them with you. I prefer the convenience of  home videos since my kiddos are still pretty young.

I downloaded all the information to help aid me in my weight loss revolution. One feature I saw was that you are able to communicate with a registered dietician if any questions arise. I also am sticking to my Real Food Mantra for the duration of the challenge..

60 days of changes all recorded here on the blog.

  •  I will have my meal plans for the week uploaded on Sunday.
  • My measurements and weight on Monday.
  • Tuesday, review of first workout!.
  • Friday- Healthy blogs and recipes for motivation

Change happens in small increments. Will you join me on my journey for change?



2 thoughts on “Week One of the 60 day slimdown

  1. Wow! This is awesome, Jessie. You have your work cut out for you! But your change in lifestyle is bound to be good not just for you, but for your whole family. I bet doing those meal plans and sticking to them will be a truly beneficial strategy. My worst problem is not planning for a meal at least 24 hours ahead of time, and then being stuck with junk food because there isn’t time to prepare. Looking forward to reading some of your recipes and trying them out myself!

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