Day One: 60 Day Slim Down

I was a little nervous about showing pictures of myself. I mean I have been overweight now for the last 5 years but if I am going to be proactive in this, I have to be honest. Last June I weighed 245 pounds teetering awfully close to 250. I slowly started exercising but was not ready to change what I was eating. I am the one on the right. Next to me is my friend, Mitch, an awesome artist.

I ignored my weight until I saw pictures of myself. The general idea was that if I ignored then I wasn’t fat. Sigh, but no more complaining and I will be done with my own insecurities. I used to walk until someone called or yelled out “Fat Expletive”. I never wanted to work out in public again. I am going for a walk today because I will not let their ignorance hold me back any further. I am thinking of them but I doubt they are thinking of me. I am trying to change and I am not going to deal with anyone’s emotional baggage but my own!

Waist: 47

Chest/Bust: 47

Arm: 14 1/2

Leg: 26

Hips: 52

Weight: 231

Goodness, I remember when I was trying to get down to a 27 size waist and to weigh 165 in 2004.  It seems so superficial now. My eating was never in check. I basically worked out to eat whatever I wanted. Food was my comfort to hide the scars of my shortcomings. It never made me happy, it helped hide me. It shamed me and I have to forgive to move on.

I think getting to the root of why we eat will help us to determine how to change. Big E made a decision to switch to Homemade Tea today, albeit it was Southern Sweet Tea. It was a step in the right direction. Big E is a major soda drinker but because of the heat in Texas, he ahs been drinking only water. He lost TEN POUNDS and he also has said it is because we switched to real foods.



4 thoughts on “Day One: 60 Day Slim Down

  1. This post did not take guts; it took real courage–in other words, not bowels but heart. You can do it!

  2. helensadornmentsblog July 4, 2012 — 10:50 am

    Good luck with your journey. You are beautiful in your picture by the way.

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