Meal Plan for Week One of the 60 Day Slim Down

I was trying to figure out the way to post this and mess with the fonts and stuff so if it looks funny, Sorry!  After much fiddling, I decided to post the next couple of days and tomorrow will be Wednesday and Thursday. For a side note,I believe in real food.

Some health foods are still highly processed such as low fat and diet. I follow the guidelines of many real food enthusiasts and have recently cleaned out my house of everything processed.  Here is what I do with my family. Now, I am not some food dictator and I do have sugary cereal in my home. I am trying to maintain an 80/20 rule. 80% clean eating so don’t bust my chops for not always following it.

  •  Fresh vegetables and fruits every week, if from the dirty dozen (buy organic), if you can peel it to eat it (regular).
  •  Whole Milk or Almond Milk Unsweetened (For Diabetics)
  •  Organic/Greek Yogurt plain (5 Ingredients or less)
  •  pasta/rice with (5 ingredients or less)
  • Your own spices.
  •  Coconut oil or a good fat
  • REAL BUTTER (shocking)
  • Grassfed beef locally if you can.
  •  White cheese (less processed than yellow)
  •  Pasta that has 5 ingredients or less
  • Stay away from pre-sweetened anything
  • Stay away from canned if possible. I use canned tomato sauce and paste.
  • Pastured Eggs and Chicken (if possible)
  • Go meatless at least once a week.

We try and follow these guidelines as much as possible and unfortunately though. Our meals rotations are pretty regular through the month. We eat lots of one pot recipes (Poor Man Dishes) as my Abuelo used to say. Some call it Chile con Carne and we also do lots of variations with Chicken ( Calabaza being my favorite). We eats lots of baked chicken and tacos (Homemade Whole- Wheat Tortillas and Homemade COrn Tortillas). Adding the veggies is very important for our family.

I believe in REAL food and I am not DIETING per say. I am changing my lifestyle. I would rather use honey instead of other sweetners. Real honey is to be used in moderation. I think we forget to use stuff in moderation. I also do not count calories instead go by the portion plate.

They actually sell portion plates. I am going to the Dollar Store today to buy smaller plates for portion control. I eat in small bowls usually. I also do not count calories. Real food is hard to count but I will for this challenge or at least try to. Limiting grains is the hardest thing to do. I love me some bread. Realistically, bread is bread. No matter the color and I may be eating healthier versions but it doesn’t give me the right to shovel down ten tortillas.

Below are my meal plans for day one and day two, recipes will follow!



  • Ox Eyes (eggs in hot sauce)
  • One Corn tortilla


  • Homemade Protein Bars
  • Water


  • Chicken with Veggies


  • Fruit with Organic yogurt


  • Meat with Corn ( Carne con Elote)
  • Beans
  • Rice



  • Mushroom and Tomato Omelet
  • Fruit (Watermelon)


  • Pineapple with Chile


  • Bean Chalupas
  • Salad


  • Protein Bar
  • Pineapple


  • Mini-Meatloaves
  • Sweet potatos
  • Okra

I actually lost four pounds eating real food. Whoo hoo, so here is to more weight loss!



1 thought on “Meal Plan for Week One of the 60 Day Slim Down

  1. Good for you. Real food is always the best choice. Congrats on the weight loss. Your on your way to a healthier you.

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