Day Two of the Sixty Day SlimDown Challenge

The first workout of the 60 Day SlimDown System by Lindsey Brin and it was challenging but not so hard I wanted to throw my tennis shoe at my computer. I was given the opportunity to download the product onto my computer which is convenient especially when you are on the go, no excuses, per say.

It consisted of a warmup, Core workout, her Boot Camp Workout #1 and #2 (both of which are ten minutes long each), and a cooldown. I had to modify many of the exercises because I have a very bad knee which has little or no cartilage. This injury is exaggerated by more intense workouts I tried like TurboFire but as a former athlete I am pretty hard-headed.

Pros of the Workout:

  • Fast and Efficient
  • Easily modified
  • Slow Pace, easy to follow
  • Love the integration of weights and body weight exercises
  • Quick, and easy to put into your schedule

Cons of the Workout:

  • There was no counting which is not a big deal for some but just throwing it out there.
  • Sometimes the video buffered, got stuck, and then fast forwarded.  This may be an issue with the video or with my computer not a deal breaker because I get to do more of the exercises.

Overall, this workout helped me FINALLY identify the ever elusive CORE and tightening of it. Lindsey is very persistent and thorough when it comes to that. I am also very self-aware of it so throughout the day I am trying to tighten. I actually was talking to mom about how awesome this video was because it was easier for me to modify and follow along more so than others. I also was able to complete the workouts without stopping which is a big motivator for me.

Today I get to do the Cardio Section of the workout and there is an option to either walk and jog or do the cardio sections. I also love her advice to stop BLT, which are the Bites (guilty of doing this as I cook), Licks, and Tastes (guilty of this also) which sabotages your diet. I never thought about it before but yeah, it does . OVerall, I was extremely pleased with the workout.

I give this workout a 4 out 5 stars!




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