Day Three of the 60 Day Slimdown Challenge

If you are just joining us on my crazy journey, you can start here and here, possibly here. Meal advice is here. I feel as though my arms are going to fall off, my legs are killing me and I realize that my 4 month old Doberman is really fast. I am a day behind in my workouts but I made it up today and there is an extra rest day, makeup day at the end of the week. I had to go apply for jobs and felt overwhelmed. What did I do, turned to food! I am only human and am here to learn.

I am not going to sit here and tell you how wonderfully easy it is for me to lose weight. It isn’t but what I can tell you is to celebrate in the minor victories. I am down to one to sodas a day versus 5 or 6. Progress is slow, real change is long-term.

Today was 30 minutes of Cardio which consisted of either doing Boot Camp Workouts 3 and 4 or doing 30 minutes of alternating walking and jogging.I opted for the outside workout. My dog needed a run, Dobermans like to run. We started out pretty good but by minute 8 all I wanted was to call Big E and tell him to pick me, oops us, up.

I was sucking eggs, legs burning, and I was terrified someone was going to say something. I learned that when you run with a Doberman even a puppy, people go mute. I overcame my fear of going outside to work out. We also had to do a Fitness Test. So here are some more numbers for you.

July 3, 2012: 1 minute Intervals

Crunches: 30

Squat Thrusts: 10

Push-ups: 25

High Knees: 75

I stopped between to catch my breath. I am out of shape people. REALLLY…OUT…OF…SHAPE. I started this because I didn’t want to get Diabetes. My grandmother had it, my aunt had it, so many people I know have it. A great poet of mine had an exceptional poem about going in pieces.

Diabetes is a disease that takes you in pieces. I don’t want to go in pieces. I want my limbs, my organs, and I want to set a good example for my daughter about Healthy Eating not Dieting. I want to teach my kids about Moderation and Hard Work. I believe in e acceptance but if and only if you are living healthy. I can’t accept my size because I am not doing anything to change it until now.

Habits take a long time to change, how often do we give up before they have a chance to be rooted? I have never been thin but I worked out 3 times a week in my early 20’s and was a curvy size 12. Health is the overall goal and even without Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, I feel the aches in my joints.  I already took Aleeve just in case.

In the end, I hope to overcome all my food insecurities and I hope I help you also.





1 thought on “Day Three of the 60 Day Slimdown Challenge

  1. When you quit smoking, they say that day 3 is always the worst, then day 7 will be bad, too, and if you could get past that first week, you would know you could do it. I suspect this is true for any addiction–even food. Keep on keepin’ on, Jessie. You’re going to make it!

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