60 Day Challenge: Days 4 and 5

Well, the journey continues, I walked the dog yesterday and did the Boot Camp 2 circuit. I was supposed to take the day off today but instead I walked the dog for twenty minutes. I then proceeded to take down a tree until my neighbor offered to chop them down with his electrical saw. Bummer, I love manual labor ( I really Do). I grew up doing yard work, digging, sweating in the Texas heat. I feel like I am mowing my lawn everyday.

I literally mow the grass year round. It sucks but today I sweated my  booty off. I wasn’t hot just exhausted. I may have overdone it but I loved being motivated to do something.  Earlier in the day, I was downtown in my small city and we were once named Maxim’s Fattest City. For a little while, there were free events. Get fit kinda things but now nada.

I saw so many large and obese people, myself included, and wondered How long till we say enough! Like any other addiction, the person in trouble needs to make a change. We cannot become complacent in our situations and pretend the numbers mean nothing. Numbers mean everything, I am not happier now.

I cannot just accept my weight knowing I did nothing to prevent it.  As Latinas, we have a higher risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease, but what do we do to prevent it. I am not doing this to be thin but to be healthy. Maybe to run a race with my younger brother. Maybe run a race with my own son or daughter.

This is the test to see if I can exercise the minimum 30 minutes a day. Only 55 more days to go!


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