Week One of the 60 Day Challenge Owned


Well, the first week was owned by me and although my food vices creep up something that FitLatina put on facebook about how each day is a new beginning. We are all just trying to learn or in my case relearn. I used to be a strength sports athlete, powerlifting, and I developed a bit of an eating disorder as a teen. I was a binge eater. I ate so much after a weigh in and nearly nothing in between meets. It was awful and it stayed with me, it goes in cycles.

The reality is that in our culture we have a lot of stigma of what we are supposed to be, how we are supposed to look, how light or dark we have to be and I was always constantly reminded that “I would never get married if I was too gorda (fat) or too dark (prieta). This constant self-destruction led to where I am now and why do people feel the need to remind us about “How big we have become?”

Big E gets so frustrated when everyone tells him how big he is getting. I am reminded of a clip from Hoodwinked when wolf says “Are we going to sit here and talk about how big I’m getting?”. Why do we do that? Why do we focus on the aesthetics of body and looks? I guess that is the million dollar question but in the end I wanted to put my issues on display as I go through this journey.

Food is not my enemy. I will not have an easy fix but I will prevail. Here are some interesting photos from FitLatina’s wall on Facebook. My new inspiration as I begin week two.





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