Here is the hump of the Journey….Fitness is a Journey

I have been thinking a lot about the Journey.  Usually they  are  reserved for adventurers, for heroes, and for extremely creative children. No, but seriously, life is a journey full of mistakes and the ability to correct errors. My younger brother is 26, 3 years my junior, and has always been very fit. I used to tease him about his real food choices but I think it was just because I was ashamed of my own falling from Grace.

Recently on Facebook, there was a barrage of comments over a video that discussed the misconceptions of morbidly obese people. One of the main things brought up in the Video was that “Large People do not eat as much as society thinks they do”.

I understand that there are several things that can contribute to not losing weight. Thyroid issues, PCOS, and a whole set of medical diseases and then there is just the body type issue.  Food can be  addicting, it is dangerous if improperly consumed, and it makes us sick.

But, in the moments of despair, we see a bright star, a person who defies all odds. Who defies the conventional means of what “society” deems healthy and not because she is a Fashion model but because she pushed her body to do the inconceivable and is now on her way to the Olympics.

Photo by the Washington Post

This young women is competing in a sport that is near and dear to my heart….Weightlifting! I love weightlifting and everything that is does to empower women especially those of us who are a little larger. This is a prime example of being healthy even if she isn’t stick thin. Weight lifting is a tough sport and not for the weak-willed but not all women are Olympic Weightlifters. She probably works out at least 2 to 4 hours a day. That is some serious working out.

The thing is, if you work out and eat right that equals to healthy in my book. However, if you eat out at least more than 3 times a week (like I used to), drink sodas everyday (like I did), and munch on junk (candies and cookies) and worked out in the phases  of the moon cycle then it would be safe to assume you (I) are ( was)  not healthy.

Healthy is relative and just because someone large loses weight does not mean they are traitors because they got “skinny” and it doesn’t make them “ugly”. In the same extent goes to women who are large but I ask “When do we stop being sensitive and realize the damage we are doing to ourselves and our bodies?”

Is there a finite line where we say “Enough”.  I realized that my choices made me chubby. Did I really need that large drink or those large fries? Did I really need to eat three breakfast tacos from my local Taco joint? Probably not, but I indulged anyway even with my own mother’s passive aggressive techniques but it was when I found myself trapped in a body that wasn’t me anymore that a weight (pun intended) lifted and I decided to really look at my relationship with food. We forget to do that, to evaluate our relationship with food and why we eat.

My perspective is this, if you are doing a diet (which seriously don’t) or are on a new exercise regimen don’t give up after the first week, or the second week. Keep going, keep fighting, because health is a long-term journey and not a short-term endeavor. It is changes in your life and those cannot be rushed. If you fall off the wagon (hmm..tortas)…it is okay. Really, change is slow and consistent. We are too inundated with the fast results that we forget it doesn’t always work that way and it is okay. I know I say the same things in most of my posts but I think in a way it is my own motivation building, bear with me.

As I go into the halfway mark of my second week, and it kills me so much. I try to talk myself out of working out but the good side wins, usually.


9 thoughts on “Here is the hump of the Journey….Fitness is a Journey

  1. I am not obese, but if I didn’t eat right and exercise I see it becoming VERY easy for me. I have PCOS and it is very hard for me to take weight off. It’s all in my belly and my face.

    1. Exactly! I know what you mean, I was on a slippery slope already inching up to 250 (my wake up call), and Diabetic. Thanks for the follow.

      BTW, I went to your site and you are so inspirational! Good Luck with your journey!

      1. The PCOS is so hard to deal with. I used to get embarrassed when people who hadn’t seen me in while run into me. I felt like they thought I was just sitting around eating all day. I don’t think that way now; I try my best and that’s all I can do.

      2. Empowerment is a wonderful thng when we learn to accept ourselves. I am still learning!

      3. It’s hard. It’s really hard. You just get to the point where you are so tired of wasting your time and energy.

      4. There is another blogger who I recently followed who also suffered from PCOS, I think it is called Vibrant Sexy Strong.

        I feel you on that one, I give up all the time because I never see any change, the weight just stays on. I am hoping this time will be different and my blog/readers will keep me accountable.

  2. One big hitch is the plateau-ing that we do. We lose some weight and look and feel better, and we get SO excited because it’s coming off, and then it just doesn’t come off any more, though we keep doing what’s been working. Experts advise we just have to treat it as we do our religion–we have to trust it will be Ok and keep the faith. That’s not easy–ever!

  3. Amen to that! I think what helps me thru plateaus is promising that I won’t interfere with what my body’s trying to do. Just keep helping it my eating right and exercising and let it take care of itself. :) Keep on!

    1. Thanks so much for the support and for following the journey!

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