Powerlifting…the first thing I was good at.

Squat lift

Growing up, we all find that one thing or things we are good at. I tried my hand at a number of spots only to fail at all of them save one. I mean I wasn’t atrocious at sports but I was mediocre. I’ll admit it. I like one sport because you can always get better and I feel it was the only place I truly felt comfortable with me.

As a young 18 year old , I found my calling in Powerlifting. It is something I have always loved to do. It is empowering to know  I was strong.

Powerlifting is the combination of three lift totals which are usually Squat, Deadlift, and Bench. Although, I was a beginner and my form is something awful. It helped me get an invitation onto the Track and Field team in College but my strength did not equate when forced to do throwing.

I was never good at  shot put, discuss, or hammer throwing  but why not give it a shot. I loved the workouts but I never broke any records and a former teammate would say “She may workout hard in the gym but she sucks on the field”.

I did, really bad.

The rack provided my only solace, a sort of shield agaisnt the outside world. Each lift, each added weight testing me to push the limits on my own determination.

I wondered what happened to my dear sport since we were never able to compete as a Collegiate Sport but there are Powerlifting Clubs in and around some of the Texas Universities.

I stopped lifting when I was 25. First came Marriage, and then came kids so to speak. I never got back around to my first love, the weight room.

Which is why this 60 Day SlimDown is so important to me, I lost that part of me. It was the part that made me feel invincible, like Wonder Woman. It made me emotionally bulletproof because I could out lift you at least in early 2000.

Deadlift with a Sumo/Regular Hybrid stance for my bad knee

I want to be her again to have that hunger for being better. I lost her a few years ago and I struggle to regain my sense of self.



3 thoughts on “Powerlifting…the first thing I was good at.

  1. That is great, follow that inner desire & find a way to stick with it. Think how good that empowerment was & it will affect so many things in your life. I’m pullin’ for ya

  2. Jessie,
    I’m so glad you are getting back into lifting! I just got through the first 6 months of training for my first competition and ended up re-evaluating my life (for the better) in the process. I’m following your blog now and look forward to learning more about your journey.


    P.S. – My husband and I flip properties so I like the remodeling posts too!

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