Week Two Owned….My Note to Myself




As I end the mark of week two, I noticed that I did not want to workout at all.  There was a voice inside me saying “Nah, don’t do it. Nothing ever changes.” I had to make up a few days of working.  Fortunately, all the positive feedback I have been getting here and on Twitter made me want to keep going. It held me accountable to my goals.

My goals seem so close now and not as distant as they once were. These past 14 days made me come to terms with myself and what I was doing to sabotage my health goals. Imagine that, I was subconsciously or maybe consciously trying to ruin my self. I binged, I will admit it. But it has become less frequent this week. This week, I had one cheat day from our  favorite Asian Fusion Bistro. I took the advice of Vibrant Sexy Strong and made a list of what is worth an indulgence. It has helped curb my cravings not eliminate them.

I am going for an 80/20 sort of lifestyle since I do not see myself trying to sprout my own grains or to make my own kefir (whatever that is). Instead, I plan on a balance and giving myself an indulgence.  Moderation has always been key.  All I need to do is keep cooking real food and eventually our family habits will change. However, as I said before, this is not a diet but a lifestyle.

I saw that change when we went to the grocery store and didn’t pick up very many “processed” goodies. I think we bought gummy worms from our local Sun Harvest. I am still hoping for a Trader Joe’s, fingers crossed.

Week 3 will be the ultimate test of mental prowess. Inner Jessie, I know you like to sabotage me but can we at least be civil with each other for another, oh say, 45 days?  I guess we will find out.

What have you done to make a change or any advice, recipes, or workouts I could take advantage of…let me know?



1 thought on “Week Two Owned….My Note to Myself

  1. Jessie, you lost TWO INCHES around your waist–that is amazing! Whatever you’re doing IS working–congratulation on keeping at it. When I managed to lose two dress sizes, it was mainly by reducing my portions at meals. It wasn’t that I ate particularly differently, but that I ate less. I slowed down, too–tried not to “shovel it in,” and that’s often hard for a mom to do. We had changed to real food many years before that, using whole grains, eating home made yogurt, and putting food by from a huge garden. Eat right, bite by bite. Keep up the good work!

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