Beading from the Stash

I have not posted any beading posts and I felt a need to show what I have been up to. Now, I have been beading from the stash to try to get rid of some of my old beads because I want to buy some cathedral beads from Fire Mountain Gems to make a necklace or a rosary. As everyone, may or may not know I am Catholic and have a special fondness for Rosaries. I have written about them for a few other sites.

I really enjoy them and they give me a connection to my past. But, as I was making a new rosary called “Our Lady of Fatima”,

Here is a better look at the five decade beauty:


A closer look at the rosary center, which is Lady Fatima.

I picked up some butterfly Howlite beads. I tried a wrap around bracelet but Big E told me it looked too little girl like. Psshh..what does he know?

One night, while waiting for him to come home from the field, I decided to mess with the butterflies. I ended up with this concoction. I have no clue it is so ugly, its pretty effect, going on for it. I added a lobster claw to hang it from a chain and Big E was like “So, you are making Key Chains, now.”

OMG..I just noticed all my tools marks but I will chalk it up to ruggedness of the piece.



My long hiatus from posting pics and posts on jewelry has nothing to do with my 60 day Slimdown but instead to do with my forgetfulness. I lost my charger to my camera. I found my charger but lost my camera. I finally found both, YES!!

What do you think of my crazy Butterfly Redux project?

I love to hate it.




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