Weigh In Day

It has already been three weeks since I started this program. Wow, time has flown by and this week by far was the hardest to get motivated to work out. I really didn’t want to do it anymore but this blog kept me on track, it kept me focused on the goal at hand which was to be able to continue this program for the full sixty days.

As I waited to see what my initial measurements, mother nature decided to bestow a lovely gift to me and I don’t mean pregnancy. I weighed myself and the scale read 234 lbs which would be a gain of 3 lbs.

However, what was most impressive was not the weight on the scale but my measurements. I am extremely pleased with the results and although I didn’t know about the 1 inch below my belly thing.

Name of Measurement                           07/13                      7/23

Dominant Arm                                         14 1/2                        14

Chest                                                           47                              46 1/2

Waist                                                           47                              43

1 inch below belly                                     48                              45 1/2

Hips                                                             52                               50

Dominant THigh                                      26                                26

Dominant Calf                                           16                                16

Weight                                                        231                              234

I lost nearly 9 1/2 inches off total, talk about being flabbergasted. I feel better and the workouts are getting a little easier although I hate having to move my laptop to do floor exercises, I still do it.

My meal planning is still not perfect and I still have lapses in my diet. But, I have noticed the frequency is becoming less and less. I aim to get to 80/20 and realistically I am at about 65 to 70 percent clean. I did say this was a journey not a sprint. I have no intention of fasting or anything to drop weight quickly so I can have the illusion that I have accomplished something only to get back into bad habits later.

Change is consistent and slow. It is like the spinning of the Earth, ever constant and never faster or slower than it needs to be. I am interested in becoming more active. I have plans for Days 90-120 and am talking to a Local Crossfit Gym to see if they can help me on my journey to being a healthier me. The ultimate goal is to run a 5 k with my brother @journeymanRN (his twitter id) and maybe compete in the Harbor Half Marathon next year.

But, for now the rest of week four and then week five. Day by Day, inch by inch to a healthier me.



2 thoughts on “Weigh In Day

  1. You are the incredible shrinking woman! YOU GO GIRL! So proud of you! Keep up the good work :) Remember that muscle weighs more than fat…so that’s probably why the scale crept up. You’re getting BUFF!

    I’m feeling a little bit of inspiration from you, amiga. I went through a whole similar process years ago. I’ve been on the hefty side ever since my teen years, but then started working out and eating right after baby #3. I went from size 20 to a size 8, ran my first 5K and started training for a half-marathon. Then my discs started ooozing in my spinal cavity and I had so much pain I could barely move. The doctors told me I’d never run again. Exercise hurt and I went back to my old eating habits. The weight has creeped back and I am almost back where I started. I am finally almost pain free after years of chiropractors, physical therapies, steroid injections, herbal remedies, shock absorbing shoes and a million other things. I’m trying to find the inspiration and motivation to exercise again. You are helping to inspire me, Jessica. Truly you are. Thank you for sharing your journey. I’m going to do my best to join you.

  2. What a great report, Jessie! That 4″ off your waist–2.5″ below the waist–are SUPER. And two whole inches off your hips–wow! Congratulations on your perseverance and the creativity that supports it!

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