It’s all about the Support, Baby!

Guess what?

I have officially begun Day 29 of my Sixty Day Challenge. It is  now easier to find the time and the motivation to work out. One thing I needed was a new sports bra. I am well-endowed, funny word when you think about it, and finding good support is hard. I usually use a regular bra and a sports bra since none of the regular sports bra ever fit me right.

When I competed in athletics during my college years, I still used the double bra system until Champion came out with the underwire sports bra. It really helped me control the goods, so to say. However when I gained my weight, I could no longer find a bra in my size. I am extremely self-conscious and the bras sometimes left deep, red marks in my shoulders and around my rib cage.

A few months back, a book blogger had tweeted that she had just received her Enell Sports Bra. I was intrigued so I looked up Enell not knowing what I would come across. I finally found a woman who had suffered through the same double bra and aching I encountered with my own sports bar mishaps.

Enell was created to fit a need for well endowed women to have a strong, supportive, and comfortable bra. Now, I had to wait for my new bra to come in.

I waited patiently for the UPS Guy who rang my doorbell and ran off  leaving behind, in his superman delivery speed, my box.

Here it is:

I absolutely love the front hooks and the full coverage back but the most intriguing thing about the Enell bra is what they call the Encapsulation and Compression Design and the crossed back helped keep the goods in place.

I know what you’re thinking, the bra has no underwire so how could it do such an amazing job. One, they are sized due to your personal measurements and once I tried mine on it was true to fit. Also, that banding on the bottom combined with the large straps and full covered design help lift em up. My husband even noticed, which is good and bad..hmmm.

I tested this product with Lindsay Brin’s Cardio Workout and I took my Doberman out for a 20 minute jog/walk. The Enell bra exceeded my expectations, minimizing bounce while wicking away moisture. It is also so comfortable that for once I didn’t feel like someone was cinching my goods into a bodice/girdle.

Seriously, I love it and am now a new Enell user. I plan on getting several more as I start losing weight and the wide straps don’t bother me since I am a t-shirt kinda gal when I work out.

This bra is an excellent and valuable piece of athletic gear that would benefit the beginner athlete and an elite athlete. It is also a very versatile bra that could be used from low impact exercises such as weightlifting to more high impact exercises such as HIIT Combinations.

Enell to me is the cure for the Double Bra Syndrome.


* I was sent the Enell Sports Bra for review but my opinions are my own.


5 thoughts on “It’s all about the Support, Baby!

  1. Jessica, this sounds great and I’m so happy for you. I actually have had the same problem and after being able to wear nursing bras after my pregnancy with my daughter, I absolutely HATE wearing a traditional bra. I would love to find an alternative to the traditional, constricting bra…but also something with support, you know?

    My only question about this model would be, does it create the “one boob” effect? lol

    Great review! ;)

    1. No it didn’t really create a uniboob…lol. There are some pics of the women in just the bras on their site but I am not that confident to post those.

      1. Haha! No, I would never ask you to do that! ;) Just saying, the pics kind of look like it. Maybe I will do a search to see some side views. So glad you got the chance to try out this product! =)

  2. Hooray! No more painful wires! I love front hooks, too. You know, your exercise program is supposed to be challenging–not torture! And Jessie, I loved your writing of this, too: sounded more like a professional review, with a good sense of humor.

  3. @ Chantilly,

    ENELL does offer a LITE Bra designed for everyday wear and low impact activities that has less compression and a great shape. check out our website for more info on the LITE Bra.

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