A Letter to Myself: Day 30 of the 60 Day SlimDown Challenge

30 days of exercise, 30 days of change, and 30 days of struggling with myself have all been to reach this milestone.

I never thought I would reach these thirty days and I saw myself giving up during week three. I always knew that consistency was the key to weight loss success. I was in denial hoping that my half assed efforts would garner results. When it never happened, I chopped it up to the fact it was whatever diet, whatever else was wrong with me, but in the end I knew it was me.

It was me who refused to take 20 minutes to take a walk, so many excuses fell from my lips. So many wasted days and months all because I was fearful, ashamed to admit I had let myself go. I lived in a shield of denial but no more. This is not a yearning for the past or past life but for how I felt about myself.

I can feel the me emerging kinda like in Tropic Thunder.  You know when Downey tells Stiller “I’m the dude who plays the dude disguised as another dude. You’re a dude who don’t know what dude he is.”

Stiller: “Or are you a dude who has no idea what dude he is and claims to know what dude he is by playing other dudes?”

Confused ? The final line is “The dudes are emerging.” and that in a nutshell is how I feel.  I am trapped in my body, trapped by my insecurities, trapped by body image and yet I am emerging.

I am halfway there and I have some serious surprises along the way. I have new goals to conquer and I hope each one of you will follow me on my journey and maybe be inspired to start your own!

I owned these 30 days and only 30 more to go!



2 thoughts on “A Letter to Myself: Day 30 of the 60 Day SlimDown Challenge

  1. The halfway point–that is HUGE! Keep on keepin’ on–you are amazing!

  2. Jessie, that’s awesome! Hang tough. We all fall off the wagon from time to time. It’s good you are getting back on and staying there. Huge props to you.

    P.S. – Here was my self-sabotage moment (also around week 3) and my friend’s response. http://sheslosingit.net/2012/07/02/self-sabotage/


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