A week off in my 60 day Challenge

I officially took a week off to spend time with my family and to take care of my knees which were starting to feel every single exercise no matter the modification. I decided to let my body rest a little. There is nothing wrong with rest, I am not perfect and this challenge tested me in alot of ways.

I was busy with our land, one of my closest cousins has been battling bone cancer, and just taking a moment to spend time with my kids. I sometimes forget how fragile everything is and how quickly it can all be taken from you. My primo (cousin) and I grew up together.

We learned to hunt together from our abuelo, we fetched eggs from the coop, and we fought each other at every turn. But, he is my best friend. He has been so strong and the words are taken from my throat as I think of him and his long, ardous fight with this disease. He reassured us and even before his surgery, we had a party.

He is out of his surgery and we are waiting to hear any news. I can barely talk to him without my voice cracking and I avoided having to speak to him instead finding solace in my roasry. I found it in the Virgen’s eyes. I found it in nature. I can find it in the hope that he is out danger. Recovery is next for not just him but our whole family. When one aches, we all ache.



1 thought on “A week off in my 60 day Challenge

  1. Jessie, my heart goes out to you and your family. You have said it so well: “When one aches, we all ache.” And you have listed perfectly the blessings to be found even in the midst of suffering–the peace of prayer; the consolation of God’s Creation; and the comfort of community. You have found this solace–may God bless your primo with it, too, whatever happens.

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