Crafting Weekend

This weekend was supposed to be filled with frolicking among thorny brush, well I doubt we would have frolicked but Big E had to work another site. We finally fixed our other car and guess what people it has AC which is a blessing in Tejas. It is identical to its sister both are Caprices but one has a smaller engine than the other.

I bought tons of supplies to begin my odyssey into resin bezel making and spent most of Saturday going to the antique store where I found these awesome music sheets and met a lovely woman named Helen. She paints and another woman in there does earrings. It is a quaint shop called Second Hand Rose.

I also found this shop called Antique World where I bought three buttons and the lady looked at me like I was insane for buying three buttons. I was going to make bezels out of them but I may make hairpins instead.

In the end Saturday was filled with buying supplies, Ebay shopping, and Pinteresting. Oh, and I had to go hang laundry outside. Old school style because I am a boss. No not really, my dryer went kerplunk and I hate lugging laundry to the laundromat in a non ac vehicle. It is just punishment. It then proceeded to rain which  I was happy about but my clothes were not.

I bought the resin and forgot the mold release spray, ugh, had to go back. I have some ideas about my bezels. I was ready with my grand ideas and jumped both feet first into my first adventure in Resin Bezel Making.

I also didn’t sand them yet since I don’t have sandpaper. I saw some at our local dollar store that may do the trick. My bezels were not deep enough to hold the beads I had or rather because I was so new at this. My kids were still awake so I rushed them a little bit since they can get sort of nosy (for lack of a better word).

I need to pay attention to how I place the letters because my U is upside down. It is harder than you think to place those letters and also it looks nice on the front but that skull sticks out a little in the back. I will figure this out, eventually.

I apologize for the fuzzy pic but I couldn’t get it to work for me. The resin came out a little cloudy and it could be in part because I was unsure of how to mix it.

I also did a black one and it broke since I pushed the beads through the resin before it cured. It is definitely a fail.

Polymer Clay Mirrors

I had a lot of fun with my clay this weekend as did my kids. I made some pocket mirrors and went a little crazy with the embellishments. I am working on a more mellow one today.

I cut some butterflies with my cutter and was going to paint them but I didn’t really know if I could.

The flowers were a real doozy to finish because the clay was sticking to my hands and I had never tried to make some so small before. A mold for next time perhaps.

Have you ever tried to take a picture without getting your reflection in it? It is harder than you think and I couldn’t get the light to work in my favor, today.

Well, I only made one since it tool me forever. I had a general idea and tried it. I suppose it worked out okay. I also had time to practice my free hand drawing and I painted this picture. I am a work in progress.

Well, that was my crafty weekend and I enjoyed doing what I could. I am hoping to tackle more of those bezels later today, hopefully.



3 thoughts on “Crafting Weekend

  1. Looks like you had lots of fun. You’ve inspired me to try something w/a mirror.
    Have a great day.

    1. It was alot of fun to work with the mirror. I tried another one today and will upload it later. I am going to do decoden later.

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