I love Antiques!

I generally love antiques and I wonder if it is because of the really cool depression era glasses my Abuelita had in her glass cabinet. Maybe it is her Molcahete that was passed on from her grandma to my mom and unfortunately not to me just yet. Or is it the old cast iron skillet I cooked with that was my grandmas and I forget some of them in our old apartment which makes me sad now. Old aceros and comals passed down from generation to generation, heirlooms. I have an old cross that was my grandma’s and my mom constantly asks “Why i keep it?”.

How could I not want to keep it? It is breathtaking to me. It was my Abuelita’s and one day it may be Baby’s. It hung guarding my Abuelita’s home for who knows how long?

20 years?

30 years?

40 years?

I have had it in my possession for the last 6  years allowing the cracked stone to watch over my home to protect us as we go about our daily endeavors.

It is the idea that it is an heirloom, a cherished piece of history with sentimental value. Why do buy old keys, old glasses, vintage dinnerware because we are in awe of an era we really know nothing about except for what history tells us.

My grandfather was a wealth of knowledge that we never took advantage of since he was in Texas in 1920. Astounding, but I never bothered to ask him what it was like changing decades and adapting to such a rapidly different environment.

I still look upon him and my grandma with a sense of wonder. They were both in their late seventies when they passed in the 90’s as our family continues to dwindle, I look back onto those antiques I missed out on. The old sewing machine that my aunt has but never uses and is probably hidden away in a garage like the antiques I found in my home today.

Secluded inside a dusty garage left behind since they were probably deemed worthless by whoever owned the house before us and I have seen it happen in my own family.  Gorgeous aren’t they?

I hope that one day I get to leave Heirlooms for my kids. Maybe my Abuelita’s crystal plates or my Abuelito’s dutch oven. Maybe our home on our ranch will have a room where I can decorate it in a nostalgic sort of Country home kind of way.   I washed those dusty dishes and found out that they were made in 1949. I placed them gently into my cabinent with my other antiques until a special occasion calls for them to be brought out.  I suppose this has only temporary quelled my desire to go Antiqueing which is by far my favorite pastime.


By the way, my awesome Blogging Sister Sweet Life Bake took this amazing photos, want to see more of her work..go here.


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