Craftiness Awesomeness and My Pinterest Addiction

I never thought I could be so obsessed with something so simple. Pretty pictures of stuff I want to try and not to mention finding blogs that I absolutely adore. I am all about learning to crochet and I finally figured out that I love to do metal and leather crafts. Pinterest is every crafter’s dream.

And nightmare, may I add.

I have boards and boards of stuff. It is overwhelming and every day I am bombarded with so many pictures and DIY crafts that I may never get through them all which is why I decided to do Tuesday and Thursday Pinterest Day. I am going to try out some new crafts and pins and see if I can recreate them or if I utterly fail.

I have really been interested in creating a sort of art journal since apparently it is like journaling for artists and as I sat down with my journal that I bought at Hobby Lobby (it was on sale).  Among, the stark white parchment was the abrupt realization that I am a horrible drawer. Wait is drawer even a word or should I say something fancy like graphic pencil artist.

I may just be a doodler and  bad one at that. There are super uber doodlers now created a movement called Pop Art or Zentangle or I forget. I just know that Sharpie Fabric Markers are on Clearance at the local Wal-Greens and I want some for my crafty artsy journal thingy.

Fundamentally, I need to take a class but I am too cheap to do so. I may just work my skill out until I can create some passable drawings.

I had been writing a short story piece on the Lechusa but I couldn’t draw a menacing owl. Pinterest owls on the brain, anyone? Big E looked at it and said “A penguin?”.

Yeah, thanks for crushing what little self-confidence I had.

These were supposed to be Resin Mold Ideas…yeah…didn’t quite know what I was thinking.

Okay, I drew Big E asleep and he was like why are their flames around me.  I answered “ is a Mesquite tree.”

He didn’t even respond back to me, he simply walked off. Good thing because if he knew the bottom left item was a sword I would have never heard the end of it. Big E is a really good doodler. Seriously, he created a character called El Mundo. Funny stuff.

In the end my art journal is helping me and I decided to try to make a hundred days of something. I mean it can only help my talent, right? Right?

Please say right.



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