Pinterest Project #1: Domino Pendants {100 Days of Creating}

Today is my first day with my Pinterest Pendants. I had seen these Domino Pendants before but I never really had a desire to do them until recently. My son DJ has tons of dominoes and there are usually scattered all along the floor so I decided to repurpose them.

However, DJ is very upset with me because I covered the fronts of the pendants but what can I do except apologize to him and promise him new dominos for his birthday.

Step One:

Gather some Dominoes, the ones I had were from DJ’s old collection. Reusing is so much better.

Step 2

Using acrylic paint, paint one side of the domino at a time. Allow to dry. I used a primer first in white before adding in the yellow. You may have to use more than one coat depending on the domino. I was lucky because these did not have the grooved number indents.

See how you can still see the picture, sometimes it takes several coats to get it right.

Step 3

Cut out image you would like to use for your pendant.

After tracing the lines around the picture, cut out with scissors. It is now time to Modge Podge your picture to seal the picture in.

Make sure to use wax paper since the picture will pull right off the sheet without worry.

Step Four

Glue image on domino with Modge Podge,affix letters.

After this you can either seal them with a spray lacquer or do a dome resin top. I am adding the resin a little later today.

Here are some other pendants I made. After they dry you can use E6000 to affix a pendant bail.

You can get creative, I used Ranger Inks Distressed Inks and Pearl powders to create these.

The Pinterest Pin is here.

Any other ideas or techniques for using these types of pendants?



6 thoughts on “Pinterest Project #1: Domino Pendants {100 Days of Creating}

  1. They look awesome! So creative! These would be cool to wear on a jean jacket…..falls almost here. Love them!

    1. They were fun to make and I am actually looking through the toy bin for dominos.

  2. Wow–these are neat! I love your design choices!

    1. Thanks Kristine, My mom wants me to turn them into brooches. I am going to look for some heavy duty pins and see what happens.

      1. Better have some really STRONG glue for that project! Good luck–looking forward to pix.

      2. E-6000..oh yeah..the mother of all glues. If that fails, well, I guess I don’t know what I will do, lol.

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