Pinterest Project #2: Ribbon Jewelry {100 Days of Creating}

Ribbon Jewelry and I was like..what..really? It is almost like the time I saw a girl rocking a scrunchie on her wrist at our local Wal-Greens.

“Man, I haven’t seen a scrunchie since like the 90’s!”, I said to her as I paid for my purchases.

To my amazement she said, matter of factly, “I like things that are Vintage.”

I shook my head and laughed. I didn’t realize vintage meant scrunchies.

I found a pin on Pinterest that was “200 Ribbon Jewelry Ideas” and boy was I disappointed when all they did was google search the words Ribbon Jewelry Necklaces and placed the results on pinterest.

I had to search the results till I found one I thought I could do. I also found this one on Martha Stewart.

I also was very excited to find this and it was a little easier to figure it out.

Ribbon Necklace DIY


Crystal beads

Grey Satin Ribbon (I bought mine at the Dollar Store)

Fireline or Embroidery Floss (Floss cost .30 at Wal-Mart)

A needle with an appropriate opening for the string or thread (trust me on this one)

Step One

String your thread or line onto the needle, pinch ribbon and thread needle.

Thread your needle through bead and pull tight to create ruffle. The first couple will be kinda difficult until you thread more beads.

Step Two

Continue to string beads between ruffles, pulling the string taut.

This is not as easy as it looks and I had a hard time keeping the piece together and the string tight. I should probably thread this on the table.

Step Three

Continue stringing until you are satisfied with the number of beads on the ribbon. Sew a ruffle like you did at the beginning. Tie a knot and Voila.

This was a very hard one for me to complete and the first time I did it, it was an epic fail. I tried it again and still struggled with the threading. I think as you practice it will get better. I am going to try a necklace, soon.

Is there one particular craft that has eluded you and what have you tried to fix what went wrong?



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