Project #3: Leather Bracelet Tutorial using Tandy Leather Kit {100 Days of Creating}

Big E and I were thrilled when this landed on our doorstep and right away he took it from me to get started on it. Remember the Sneak Peek…well I made several hand stamped Leather cuff bracelets using my Tandy Leather Kit.

Big E is working on the other projects and more tutorials will be making their way here as we get more involved in our metal and leather work.

I adore roses so I ventured into my Hobby Lobby armed with my 40% off coupon and bought a flower leather stamp set in order to be prepared when the leather kit arrived.

The E-Z Leather Kit came with everything we would need to start basic projects like a Leather ID Wallet, a Coin Purse, and Coasters. It included stain, a wooden mallet, and three basic stamps.

We started by doing some practice runs and um…were able to troubleshoot future projects.Yeah, that sounds better than saying we screwed it up. Which I am not saying we did but here is what I learned…

  1. Keep the leather pliable in order to create deeper indentions.
  2. Work quickly with the stain because it dries very fast.
  3. Wear gloves, you can stain your hands and never use a Metal Hammer for Leather Stamps.

We did several mock bracelets along the way experimenting with the stain and Leather Stamping is just like Metal Stamping, it takes practice.

I loved the one that incorporated the acrylic paint so much that I am going to show you how I did it.

Tools needed:

Paper Towel

Rose Stamp from Tandy Leather

Acrylic Paint in any color

Eco-Flow Leather Stain any color

Leather Blank or belt.

Wooden Hammer (Do not use Metal, it will ruin your leather stamps)

A hard surface or metal block (used for metalwork)


Step One

Take a small sponge and wet the leather, do not wet it too much. This makes the leather pliable.

See the difference between the dampened leather and the regular leather, this makes it easier to stamp.

Step Two

Design a mock-up your bracelet (if you want), Place stamp against the leather, hit with wooden mallet a few times (with some force). Not too much just a few firm hits.

I used the Rose Stamp and made three imprints.

Well, Big E did that imprint so I could take the picture.

Step Three

Continue to design your I took this seashell looking stamp also know as a camouflage Stamp.

Start at the corner and try to line them up as best as you can, if your piece moves a lot, I suggest taping it with masking tape.

When you finish with one side,rotate it and continue stamping until you ge this:

As you can see, stamping requires practice to line up everything perfectly and I also think it has to do with your rhythm.

Step Four

Now that you are done with your edge, it is time to do the inside if you choose. I used this squiggly stamp.

Begin in the corner and work your way to the other side…DO NOT STamp over the Roses. FYI…it doesn’t look pretty.

If the stamps are not taking, wipe with damp sponge and try again. It should end up like this.

Step Five

Dab the acrylic paint onto the roses.

Rub in with paper towel, don’t worry about the edges, you want the paint to get into the grooves.

I did this stamp and it came out multiple times on the layer creating that weird look, oops.

Step Six

Ready for stain…

Dip the pouf into the dye, it is thick, Add liberally, wipe off excess. The more you add the darker this stain.

You could also use different color stains but I used what I had on hand.

Let dry, add more stain if you want but know if you add more stain to the roses, you no longer see the color. Look what happened to the above bracelet after I added more stain.

You could add embellishments the bracelet by either riveting them, glueing them, or if you can even sewing them.

Overall, the Tandy Leather Kit was an excellent product to start with. It came with easy to follow instructions, patterns, and a great DVD with step by step instructions.

I already have a list of stuff I want to get from their online store and when we go to Houston for Latism, I may have to hit up one of their many stores.

Maybe a cool cuff with Tejana Made on it is in order. Here are some other cuffs I made.

Have you ever used a kit in order to test out a technique?


I was given a E-Z to do Leather Craft Kit for review but my opinions expressed are my own.


8 thoughts on “Project #3: Leather Bracelet Tutorial using Tandy Leather Kit {100 Days of Creating}

  1. I got a Tandy leatherworking kit just like yours when I was about 12 years old, taking leatherworking in 4-H. Think I actually got some kind of ribbon for one of my projects at the county fair. Sadly, I lost interest after I took the class and haven’t done it since.

    1. It was fun and I was excited the Big E was interested in something other than his Playstation Game Console.

      He actually disconnected to do this as he called it “Our Bonding Project”!

      1. No doubt–that was the best part. Enjoy!

  2. Great tutorial! I loved your take on “trouble shooting” lol. Great attitude!

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