Start of Hispanic Heritage Month, Dia De Independencia, Birthdays

My daughter’s birthday creeped up on me and I wish I could be a perfect planning mom but it never happens that way. I plan and my best laid plans never work.

Big E’s schedule is always so random and we decided a long time ago as a family that Birthdays would not occur without him. When he was off, we would have the party, end of discussion.

I have had people tell me that I was being selfish or that I needed to learn to do things without my husband because of his job. But, you know what, Birthdays are supposed to be about the child.

They like Mommy and Daddy to be there and it may change soon so we are taking full advantage of that. Baby wanted a princess party which I obliged and I wanted to do a cool papel picado castle thing but yeah that didn’t happen.

I wanted to do that to becuase her birthday shares the historical event  of Dia de Independencia  (Sept. 16) which by the way is the real Mexican Independence Day and not May 5 (Cinco De Mayo).

Growing up Blaxican has a great set of lessons discussing the history of this important day for Mexico. Here is also a great rendition of the Grito de Dolores.

My daughter will be 3 today and how the years are flying by. I am filled with the thought of moments. We each take with us our moments, good or bad, and allow them to shape and often times redefine who we are.

I hope to take in more moments, learning from my great errors to become a more enlightened individual. I hope that Baby knows of her great Tejana past and will embrace it instead of fighting it like I did. As well as  growing to love her mixed heritage.

She is and always will be my little princess.




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