Texas, My Texas… A Trip to the Ranch

Big E, Aunt B (Our kids God Mother), my self, baby, and DJ took advantage of the 80-ish degree weather and hightailed it to the ranchito. Before you scroll down, just know it is mostly brush.

Big E and Aunt B all smiles and ready to work the ranch or at least when we get there.

On the way to the Tecolote area where our ranch is located and now check out the road.

We are getting closer yet so far. Notice the difference in the road and it only gets better.

Okay, see the white rocks also known as Caliche and our property line is from where I was standing to where our car is sitting. I told Big E to smile and he picked up a rock and held it to his face. He said “They won’t see me”.

Apparently, Big E forgot about Cropping and why was he holding a rock?

He is so silly. We needed to walk the property to see where the line was and also if there was anything else we had to get rid of. Aunt B just bought a huge tractor and is ready to plow the brush.

They were avoiding a spider web which I later forgot about and walked through it. Sorry, Spider!

One of our many cacti on out acreage but these ones surronded this gorgeous Mesquite Tree.

Baby in front of the Mesquite Tree that is a keeper! I wanted to play with the different editing techniques and here is the same picture. Which do you like better?

We kept walking..ugh…nice but ugh.

Here is probably the back of our ten acres.

This is moss growing on one of our trees and we need to cut it off before it damages the actual tree. I didn’t even know moss grew on Mesquite trees.

A refinery on the other side of our city but I don’t travel to this side of town often and it seems that they built closer to the highway. We have several refineries in our small city.

Finally home, and Baby took this picture herself. I think we have a photographer in the family. I hope you enjoyed a virtual tour of our ranch.




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