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Health is one of those things I never really heard spoken in my home. Illness was different but health was never mentioned and this is kinda funny in a haha kind of way since my mother is actually a health and science teacher.

Even she admits to not really knowing anything beyond the Standard American Diet and why should she? She isn’t a dietician or a nutritionist. Health has an odd connotation to some, a sort of feeling of mortality breathing down your neck.

It is with this idea that I believe talking about health is important and organizing our communities in such a way to combat and battle obesity and Food Deserts.

I don’t live in South Los  Angeles. This Tejana lives in a small coastal city and within a 2 mile radius of four different grocery stores, a Jason’s Deli, and even a specialty store.

I could never imagine what it would be like to go grocery shopping in a convenience store or even to have no other option than Fast Food. I can’t deny my own privilege in this matter but there was a time a few months ago where I did not have a car. My husband worked out-of-town, a lot.

How did we do our shopping? My children and I walked to our local grocery store right across the street from my house. It was a Sun Harvest and when we were low on funds, I shopped at our local Dollar Stores.

According to the CHC, South LA communities have more fast food restaurants and higher obesity rates. I know many would recommend more cooking at home but what has cooking really become besides a foray into learning how to cook from a box. We value convenience and in moderation it can be okay.

But, to not have the option of choosing fresh fruits and vegetables for your family is really a disservice.

Accessibility is something that we have the power to control and is something that we can demand. I don’t live in South L.A. but it is time for a change.

I hope together we can push for that change.


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Find out more at the CHC website


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