Project #8: Lace Pumpkins {DIY Crafts} {100 Days of Crafting}

As I mentioned before, I have three pumpkins that needed to be redone.  I found these really cool “Lace on a Roll” packages which were on sale at my local Michael’s but unfortunately I only found a few rolls of them. You can also make your own Lace Tape or buy it. Here is another listing.

I bought my pumpkin from the Dollar Store so I ended up only spending $3.00 on the entire project. Score, for me but the only complaint I had was that the carvable pumpkin kinda had a huge seam in the middle of it.

Supplies Needed

3 yards of lace tape

1 carvable pumpkin

1 pair of super sharp scissors or an exacto knife.

Take the tape and lay it against the pumpkin indentions on the side, measure it from the top to right underneath the pumpkin. Cut with scissors and begin to cut enough strips for all the indentions.

It is very sticky so be careful. Remove backing and place on pumpkin.

Cover the top of the pumpkin with small pieces of tape.

Voila, a beautiful lace pumpkin. Although I wish I could have covered it with lace, there is a certain element to it that is kinda spidery. I could always add some something creepy to it.

My pumpkins in their full glory!

Two pumpkins down and one to go..hmm..what to do for the white one?



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