Multicultural Middle School Novels for Hispanic Heritage Month

Although, Multicultural Books are extremely popular for elementary students inspiring a plethora of picture books, chapter books, and ABC books. It becomes increasingly difficult to find relevant and non stereotypical books as children become older.

You have to wade through the number of books written each year in order to find the books that leave amazing impressions, have a beautifully written story, and a likeable main character. As a teacher and a parent, it is important to use books that tell a good story and are not just using the surface of culture to produce the books.

There are different levels of reading but please remember as reading levels go up a child who is in say 7 th grade reading at a 9th grade level will be able to read books such as Gone with the Wind, 1984, any one of Stephen Kings novels, Wicked, and a slew of adult books that may not be appropriate.

However, as I said before only the parent can determine the appropriateness for their child when doing independent reading. As educators when reading a book in class, it is always good to let parents know what you are reading and why.

Okay, were was I, because in another life I used to teach and do presentations on YA and MG in the classroom.  I miss it, can you tell?

With it being Hispanic Heritage Month, I didn’t want to do the same old posts about famous celebrities or politicians but instead wanted to bring to light the number of wonderful Fiction books that are just that Fiction. Great and enduring tales that celebrate heritage or just happen to be about characters who happen to be Latino/a.

Those are my favorite where race is not the source of the book but happens to just to be who they are which to me are indicators of great writing.

Middle Grade books for students who are in Grades 5-8, some of these range on the lower end while some fall in the middle. When I debut the YA list, it can range from 6th to 12th depending on the storyline and appropriateness of what is written.

Via Lee and Low Books

Under the Mesquite Tree By Guadalupe Garcia McCall


Case of the Pen Gone Missing: A Mickey Rangel Mystery by Rene Saldana

Via Scholastic

Confetti Girl by Diana Lopez

Via Cinco Puentos Press

Maximilian and the Mystery of the Guardian Angel by Xavier Garza

Although this is a very short list, what I find appalling is that as children get older, relevant Multicultural Literature is not as adequately available to them. There also needs to be a distinction between YA and MG and the list is a little better as the kids get older.

It is important to know what your kids are reading so read with them so even you know what they are reading.

I have always loved Books but is this something more people would like to read about? Is is something I could add to my overflowing To Do List? I would love to hear your thoughts.



2 thoughts on “Multicultural Middle School Novels for Hispanic Heritage Month

  1. Hey Jessie,
    Check out “The Offenders: Saving the World While Serving Detention!” It’s a middle grade novel about bullying that features a multicultural cast of characters.

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