Skull Candle Centerpiece

I really love skulls. I don’t know why but it could be my recent appreciation of Dia De Los Muertos or it could be my love for the macabre. It also could do with my infatuation with Darker Literature, I am seriously a Poe Girl.

I had the brilliant or not so brilliant idea of creating a sort of wax covered skull with a candle in it. Big E was like just cut out a circle and put the candle into the skull. I thought that would be awesome.

Most great ideas never work the first time. The plastic was not pliable enough for me to cut it with scissors nor with my exacto knife. I have not bought shears yet. I bet those would have worked on this project.

Supplies needed:

1 Skull ( I bought mine at the Dollar Tree)

Black Acrylic Paint, Red Acrylic paint

1 Foam Brush

Smooch Spritz Mist in Silver Foil

One emergency candle ( I bought mine at the Dollar Tree)

E-6000 Glue


Paint the skull black, wait for it to dry.

Spitz the alcohol ink lightly around the eyes, the teeth and the cranium part. Allow to dry

Take a fine piece of sandpaper, and distress it slightly.

Here is where I should have used a hot glue gun or even placed a crayon into the gun to create the waxed effect. However, I did it the hard way with a lit candle and dripped the wax.

Paint the wax with the red paint. Allow to dry.

Take the candle you used and paint it red. Affix to skull with E-6000 glue, place on dish covered in black tattered cloth (also from the Dollar Store).

Enjoy your spooky centerpiece!



3 thoughts on “Skull Candle Centerpiece

  1. It’s creepy, alright!

    1. I know, It sits on my mantle and I half expect a raven to come by and say “Nevermore”.

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