Halloween DIY Permanent Marker Mugs {100 Days of Creating}

I found the infamous Pinterest Sharpie Marker Pin. I tried it with some cheap Dollar Tree mugs and some DollarvTree stencils. I have been trying to trouble shoot the curved mugs and trying to transfer a stencil design. It still eludes me unless you can free hand then go on with your bad self. Don’t expect some amazing doodle drawing of a pumpkin or something.  I can trace a mean line but girly, whimisicle free hand stuff has never been  my thing. In fact, I have awful professor handwriting.

Supplies needed:


Tape the stencil onto the cup and begin to outline the design onto the cup. Color in and add details.

Heat Oven to 350F and bake for 30 minutes.

Allow to cool.

My pumpkin came out looking like a basketball so I need to work on that.

You could use these as gifts or as Teacher’s presents.  Of course, I will give my basketball looking pumpkin to my mother who is a coach.

Yeah, I meant to do that, perhaps a Freudian Slip.



2 thoughts on “Halloween DIY Permanent Marker Mugs {100 Days of Creating}

  1. They look great! Will they wash?

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