Dia de Los Muertos Canvas Tote

I was recently sent some awesome Iron On Images from Crafty Chica. the best part is they are being carried in select Michael’s stores. I hustled to the nearest one to see if the end cap was there.  It was, which was awesome!

My crafting expertise goes as far as jewelry making with some extremely beginner bead embroidery so having to jump into fabric crafting was a tad disconcerting. My first run was to paint it and I didn’t really like where I was going with it.


Painted Bag


My mom came by my casita and said I was too critical. But, I think it was because I felt unsure of myself in this media. In my brilliance or dazed confusion, I decided to “do a little bead embroidery”.

I proceeded to add in different color flowers to represent the Marigolds ever-present at Dia de Los Muertos celebrations. I was supposed to hand stitch them but I knew that wasn’t going to happen so I prepared my glue gun.

I love the way the Catarina turned out with her embroidered edges and her flower frame.

Canvas Tote


I really enjoyed the images in the Crafty Chica and how they take our folk art to a whole new level.  I still have a butterfly left over and maybe a statement necklace is in order.

Click here to see if a Michael’s store in your area is carrying the Crafty Chica line.


I received this complimentary product(s) from CraftyChica.com as part of the Crafty Chica Design Team, was asked to share an original DIY project.


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