Jewelry Trunk Show

Big E works all the time and my two menaces, I mean my two kiddos, don’t have a reliable babysitter yet. All this means is I don’t rush out the door with toddlers in tow because the following would be filled with me saying:

“No, don’t touch that.”


“Come here.”

“Don’t touch that.”

“I said , No”

Any of these could be followed with irrational tantrums followed by those “stares” people always give me. You know the ones. It is a “Control your Child” look but I am over that look.

I was ecstatic when Grandma came to visit so I could attend a local Trunk Show which was held at Heritage Homes by Creative Connections CC.  I also  found out that we have a pretty cool shop called Tree House Art Collective that features local artists in a range of mediums.

I went because of Jennifer, amazing jewelry creator and owner of LaureLynn. She has amazing cuff bracelets and wire wrapped pendants I am drooling over.

Etched Cuff Bracelets by Laurelynn

This Spiderweb cuff bracelet literally made me swoon.  It was love at first sight, it isn’t weird I fell in love with an inanimate object, is it? Or am I the only one?

She also has these amazing wire wrapped jewelry necklaces and has been to a few juried shows. A great local artist you guys need to support, she is also an educator for one of our local schools.

Heather’s Origami was there with her paper craft jewelry.

Another really cool vendor was Dustpan Productions and Noodlecrafts. They have some really cool pop art and some awesome Dia de Los Muertos inspired jewelry and magnets.

The amazing flower bag in the above picture is actually made out of plastic bags I believe, talk about upcycling!

I was inspired by these lovely painted, patina-ed, and embellished crosses.

Melinda has some really beautiful pieces. I heart those little red rose earrings which were metal I think. I had a good time talking with her about her crosses and am anxiously waiting for her to create a Virgen inspired one!

I wandered about until I saw the coolest upcylced necklace EVER! Here it is:

So, do you recognize the materials that are being used? I thought it was a pretty nifty idea.

PLM Designs also had a few polymer clay bangles which still elude me by the way. I just can’t get them to stay circular.

I have a bangle resin mold, I wonder if I can get it to mold my clay? Hmmmm….ideas, ideas.

Just when the fantastic-ness couldn’t get any better (Did I just hear my old english Profs groan?), I saw this amazing metal crab bracelet.

Norma, of Art and Jewelry by Norma Gafford, was working on some metal crafting when I approached her booth.

I must say the her display was awesome. I could probably use my 100 dollar words and say stunning, surreal, but to me Awesome is just my go to word.

Outside was the kids crafting areas, more vendors, and a live band Spark in the Dark.

These signs are pretty cool and probably because they are Texas based. They were created by Wayne Hecho from Patriotic and Creative Arts.

I wonder is it just Texans who are obsessed with our state. Do other states hang, wear, and embellish their state forms or is it because we have the coolest looking state. I’m just sayin’.

I look forward to this event because apparently they have it every month. There is Art Walk, Marina Days, and Art in the Park.

I liked Art in the Park because of the intimate setting and because it is in Heritage Park and we need to revitalize that area. I hope to see you at the next one. Each of these events is held the First Weekend of the Month.

Art Walk is usually on Friday Night

Art in the Park is Saturday and Sundays from 10-4

Marina Market Days-Time unknown (I looked)

If one is to say there is nothing to do in our fair city, well look harder. Things are happening everyday!



2 thoughts on “Jewelry Trunk Show

  1. Hey Jessie!
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting us for our monthly Art in the PARK event in Heritage Park.
    Wasn’t the Jewelry Trunk Show just awesome!

    Just wanted to mention, our non profit organization is Corpus Christi Creative Connections. I think you had us confused with the downtown Treehouse Collective, you must have had a busy day when you visited us.

    Our new Art in the PARK exhibit for November will feature the art of Lisa Olsen. Her abstract realism paintings are a must see!

    Our infamous KidZone will feature holiday art activities for those 12 and under.

    And don’t miss Leo Mariani, he will be onsite providing smooth blues tunes.

    1. Thanks for that, I fixed it :). It was an amazing event and I was so glad that I was able to make it. I am looking forward to the next one.

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