I am heading to Latism 12

I want to do the old Cliche. I struggled with whether or not to start the post off with what i wanted to write.  It occurred to me that perhaps I shouldn’t do it but come on I can’t really resist.

Houston, we have a problem!

The Tejana is coming to your city and I hope your ready.


I am happy to announce that I will be in Houston for three days attending this year’s Latism conference as a Speaker.  My session will be on Friday at 9:45 am. I will be discussing the Role of Bloggers in Health Education. Oh and here is my face…check it out.

It still weighs heavily on my mind that getting healthy is really a journey into who we are as people. It helps to determine what we want to accomplish and how we can and will get there. I still believe that this blog is my place for accountability. It is my haven when I need to discuss my binge eating or my lack of willpower.

After Dia de Los Muertos, I will be posting for Diabetes Awareness Month and I hope that the information here on this site will help someone know that they are not alone in their weight loss struggle.

There are so many great sessions that will be happening this upcoming weekend and the tracks are amazing. There is a Health, Education, Technology, and Business Track with tons of informative sessions and panels.

I am looking forward to the Business Sessions which I think would be vital for me to see what direction I want to see the rest of my life go in. I love the fact that LATISM choose Texas as the site for this year’s conference and I hope that others will see how beautiful and open our cities are.

My Blogging Amiga Sweet Life Bake and I will be attending the conference together.

If you are attending the conference, come by and say “Hey”!

See you there,



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