The year is 2013: A list of To Do’s

2013…how the time flies.

I used to have a laundry list of resolutions.  They were whispers of hopes, dreams, and unattainable goals which in itself is not a bad thing but what did I ever get done?


In the end, it was a slap in the face to myself. I was self sabotaging as usual but no more. No more crying over missed opportunities or non-existent weight loss. I will make a list and stick to it!

2013 Goals

Career Goals: Short Term

1) Query Five Agents

2) Submit two fiction pieces for publication.

3) Write more freelance articles

4) Buy my domain.

5) Get a vending permit

Lifestyle Goals:

1) Lose 100 pounds

2) Meal Plan and Post every Thursday for the next week.

3) Do the bike 5 days a week for 60 minutes

4) Bike 15 miles a day to start on the stationary bike.

5) Eat Vegetarian on Mondays

Blogging and Jewelry Goals:

1) Create new and relevant content

2) Try out new hand stamping leather techniques

3) Attend a Diana Cook CLass

4) Attend LATISM, Fitblogging, and SNAP

5) Freelance out to other venues.

Family Goals:

1) Take a Vacation

2) Pay off one bill a month.

3) Family Dinner every night on the table.

4) Cook more

5) Did I mention Take a Vacation?

What are your short-term goals for 2013? What will you do to guarantee success?



1 thought on “The year is 2013: A list of To Do’s

  1. Yay! Love your goals! Wishing you a successful 2013!

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