Bracelets: My Arm Candy

I have fallen in love with Leather Cuff Making.  Every week, I buy another set of tools and stamps to help ease my never-ending wish list.  It doesn’t help and as I delve further and further into this, let’s lightly say obsession, the list grows and grows. Even Baby and DJ get in on the fun.

My Second Apprentice
My Second Apprentice
My First Apprentice
My First Apprentice

I have been working on a few love inspired designs trying a few different color backgrounds using acrylic paints and dyes. Here is the unpainted Love bracelet.


This is a really small bracelet intended for Baby but she would only wear it for ten minutes and promptly slid her hand out. She at least admired the colors.


I was outside laying in the grass trying to take these pictures in our overcast weather when Big E asked “What ARE you doing, Jessica?”

“Um, taking pictures,”  I replied, still snapping away.

“People are going to freak out because your all dressed up in the grass taking pictures of a round stone.”

“I spray paint in the grass. I doubt they are surprised.” I answered.

Truth, if you roll by my house. I will probably be spray painting or taking pictures.

But, Big E had wanted a bracelet but the first one didn’t come out so great and this one was a little better however I need to work on my fine detail painting. I warned you.


I lam excited to learn new techniques and steady my hand to paint these hand stamped beauties. Big E’s cuff looks better snapped closed with the E hidden from view.



As for loom beading, here is my first attempt.



I hope you enjoyed my arm candy because I had so much fun making it.

Keep on Creating.




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