Hand Stitched Leather Coin Purses

A few days ago, Big E took me to a granite store. I had been hounding him for days about wanting a marble or granite surface to do my leather. I went in and asked about scraps and at first they though I meant a scrap counter which is Awesome. I didn’t even realize they did that. I explained who I was (Tejana Made) and what I wanted but perhaps they thought I was a character out of some fantasy land because they wanted a card. That was fine by me since I had plenty. They also decided to give me a scrap cutout from a sink.

I searched my leather bin for some pieces I had wanted to work on from my Tandy Leather Kit but in my excitement I snapped two photos. A before and an after.

 Western Flower_TejanaMade2

Western Flower Complete_TejanaMade

Front of Coin Purse

That slab is pretty awesome, ain’t it?

Here is a tutorial on another piece I found in my Tandy Leather Kit.


Key Coin Purse Template or Cutouts


Stylus and Swivel Knife

Tracing Film

A beveler

A Modeler

Turqouise, Pink, and Purple Acrylic Paints

Eco Flo Dye

Super Sheen

Modge Podge

Leather Lace

A Needle

First, you need to figure out your design on tracing film.

Skull Tracing

Case the leather with a damp sponge. Wait for it to return to its original color and should be cool to the touch.

Cased leather2After Casing

Cover the leather with your design and use the stylus to create the impression. Take the swivel knife and cut the lines where needed.


Use the beveler to depress the areas outside of the skull and the modeler to create depth. I have not yet mastered the swivel knife for smaller projects. Practice makes perfect.

Paint the flowers with a 1 part water, 1 part paint, and 1 part modge podge mixture so that it resists the top coat we will apply later. After it has dried, apply the dye watered down in a 1 part dye to 1 part water. Use a small amount, wipe off excess with a paper towel. I recommend dabbing it since it is a smaller piece to dye.

Painted Leather

Paint over the entire piece with a watered down turquoise andmmodgepodge Mix. Wipe the skull with a paper towel so that it looks more distressed. Continue painting the piece until you reach a color you like. Let dry. Cover with Super Sheen for shine.

After the piece has dried, you will need a leather needle with a large eye and some leather lace.

Leather Lace

Line up all the holes and begin stitching through the first hole leaving a tale of about 3 inches.

Starting the Hand Stitching

Begin stitching until you reach the end.

Stitching in Hand

Back of Stitch

When you reach the end, continue back the other way.

Second Row of Stitching

Tie a square knot.

Final Stitch and Knot

You are done.

Front of Key Chain

Front of Key Chain Purse



2 thoughts on “Hand Stitched Leather Coin Purses

  1. What a great looking piece!!! It was nice to meet you at the Twitter Chat tonight.

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