It’s only Leather: Embedded Cuff Bracelets

This was the mantra that I whispered t to myself as I struggled with Inlaying (embedding) a black and white Jasper Stone into my veg tanned leather cuff bracelet.

Let’s just say it was a definite work in progress. This particular design has been perplexing. Plus, frustrating. Let us not forget that darling little word that will probably show up multiple times as you read this.

A small word of advice you will  need a skiver or edge beveler.  Patience being one the virtues that I do not possess forced me to do what any DIY Blogger would do: Improvise. I used a Cuticle Cutter.






In an attempt to redeem myself,  I literally scraped the leather in order to embed the stone. I used E-6000 to glue the cabochon to the leather scrap and leather glue to bind the bracelet together.

Here are a few of my attempts.

First Attempt at Embedded Leather Cuff


However, it is not what I envisioned in my head or what I had drawn. I have lots of practice pieces that never make the blog but maybe I should post them.

Really, I am only trying to save you from chucking stain across the room. Not that I did that.

I created a second bracelet with a simple stamping design using a veiner.

Cuff Fail (640x480)

This one was a little better but the piece I used behind the stone was thicker making the bracelet more taut than I would have liked. You can easily see the leather creases in the bracelet.

Bracelet Cuff

It looked fine flat but when bent it created an opening. I think I cut too much out of the circle.  My hands are not skilled enough to pull off what my head envisions which frustrated me. I know things take time but I wish more people would be honest about their crafting. I see perfection, perfection, perfection which makes me think “Dude, I suck.”

I say Dude. However everything gets better with practice

Things I want to change:

A better design for the cuff

A different cutting method/style

Different colors



3 thoughts on “It’s only Leather: Embedded Cuff Bracelets

  1. You sure did learn a LOT doing this project! And while it may not be perfect, you took the risk and turned it into a challenge for next time. That takes Spirit. Welcome back to blogging–I’ve missed you!

  2. These are very original and pretty! I haven’t seen many cuffs like this-

  3. Love your honesty and humor here. I want to inlay a turquoise stone in a cuff so I searched up to look for a tutorial. Opened your page first and haven’t had s chance to look around here in your blog but in about to. Just wanted to take the time to comment and say… I hear ya sister. 😉

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