Rebel Leather Cuff Tutorial


A few weeks ago, I was watching a video from Leodis Leather about a layered watch cuff. It was a very informative video and it lead me to create my own cuff style bracelet.


4 to 5oz Veg Tanned Leather
Stamping Tools
Alphabet Stamps
Box Cutter or other sharp knife
Leather Dye
Clearsnaps dyes
Wet/Dry Fine grit sanding paper
Leather Cement
Mod Podge
Leather Sheen or Resolene
Sponge for Casing


Trace a 2×6 inch long rectangle. This will be your background piece. Cut a second piece of leather equaling to 1×9 inches. This will be your top piece.


Make sure to measure both pieces on your wrist and cut according to fit.
Case leather with sponge. Wait until leather returns to original color.


Choose a pattern that you will stamp into the leather. I chose to use different Flower Centers and Seeder stamps to create my background. Rebel has always been my favorite word.



Now is the fun part, dyeing and painting. Granted, I accidentally messed up my painting process but I discovered something incredible.

I started out with ClearSnaps Color Box Archival Ink in Grape Slush. I painted the letters of my words with a small detail brush with 50% ink and 50% water. I sealed the ink with Mod Podge but sometimes resists do not work for Alcohol Dyes. Tandy has a few water based dyes that work with a Mod Podge resist. There is a very good tutorial on painting with acrylics.I use this as a good starting point and to experiment.


Take a wool dauber and spread as evenly as possible on the leather. This dye is different than Eco Sheen as in it dries faster and cannot be easily wiped off.


You will also need to finish the edges with dye and rubbing it with a bone folder or other slicker.


My Mod Podge resist usually works with water based dyes like Eco Flow. What happened next was unforeseen at least to a novice like me. I dyed my leather with Fiebing’s Dye in Cordovan and the color was gone. I didn’t even get to snap any pics in between. So I tried again with acrylics to show you


Once the dye has dried, take some very fine grit sandpaper and go to town. Your arm muscles will burn.


Dye your edges and the back, if you want. Let dry.

Assembly time.

Measure where you want to layer the piece.

Place some Leather Cement on the back of the smaller piece of leather and adhere it to the background piece. Let dry completely.




Add snaps and Voila!

Texas Renegade Wrist Cuffs.




2 thoughts on “Rebel Leather Cuff Tutorial

  1. Very cool! An amazing craft to work with leather.

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