Biker Wallet Fail

This biker wallet seemed to just not want to be made and in the end we chalked it up to be a very poorly made prototype. Hey Failure is the first step to success, right?


I know that I need a larger cutting for wallet making. The initial design was not horrendous but as they say my execution was lacking. I scoured everywhere for some sort of tutorial. There were a few on some leather forums but reading off forums is not the same as readings off blogs or watching you tube videos. I can find TONS of tutorials on knife sheaths but not very many on Biker Wallets/Roper Wallets and I still do not know what the difference is.

Initially, the interior of the wallet was supposed to have a money slot and a card and ID slot. It was ambitious and then a studio accident occurred. I spilled wax all over my leather. Do you know what happens? It is best if I show you because I accidentally created a splattered background. I tend to create that a lot. Happy Accidents.


The look was interesting but it just kept getting harder and harder. I glued the insides to the exterior and had to cut it out. The card slots were not wide enough and the list went on and on.


Unfortunately, it is back to redesigning the piece and I hope this time I come up with a better option. This is the reason we are beginners.

Things I Learned:

1) Close all dyes, paints, and waxes when not in use. (seems obvious but it happens)
2) Leather Cement is really hard to take off
3) Measure, Measure, Measure
4) Use a stitching pony! You can make your own here or here.

I think that about sums it up. If you want a great template try Black River Laser Company because they have some great patterns for sale.


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