Leather and Crystal Bouquet


I have been doing this bouquet on and off for about a month because I did not have the courage to mold the flowers. Crystal Bouquets are very popular there being several different kinds such as Cascading Bouquets, Brooch Bouquets, Crystal Bouquets, and hybrid Flower and Crystal Bouquets.

I did the bouquet at night so I did not get to snap as many pics as I would have liked of the process.

A little bit of Sass and a little bit of Class bouquet is now on the scene. I used 3oz leather and drew a basic two flower template. After I cut out the flowers, I submerged them in lukewarm water for thirty seconds or until the leather was pliable. I mold the flowers to resemble petals and place them in the oven at 240F for a minute. Use a craft oven if you can or a heat gun. Check them after 30 seconds because the leather will crack and dry out. Keep molding them until they are to your liking. Allow to dry.

I would have painted them after the molding but since I was using already dyed scrap leather the rough edges showed up. For a more detailed tutorial on molded and dyed flowers try Spunky Junky who used her Sizzix Machine to cut up garment leather.

Tundraberry has a great tutorial on flower making.


I used 26 and 22 gauge wire to make the wired crystals. 26 gauge is very thin wire so expect it to hang over but that was not the look I was going for. Measure at least a 12 inches of wire, add beads, and fold in half. I used a drill to create the twisted wire look by adding a cup hook into the place where the drill goes.

I ran out of wire and I had a spool. I arranged the flowers and crystals and tied them using some wire. I cut the ends and wrapped the stem with floral tape. I added ribbon and some pearl trim.

My first leather flower bouquet and can I say that this little lump took FOREVER!!!

Things I could change:

1) Use sturdier wire so it does not move around so much. It was a little too flimsy.
2) Create better flower template.




3 thoughts on “Leather and Crystal Bouquet

  1. What an awesome idea!! I just love this! I totally need one for my re-dedication ceremony with Ricky! This is beautiful Jessica!!

  2. I love it Jessie. The links are really useful too!

    1. Thank you so much! I had so much fun creating this little bouquet!

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