Conquering the Embedded Cuff

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Recently, I put away the embedded/inlay stone cuff bracelet for a while in order to focus on working on simple skills in leather crafting. Measuring and using rulers was something we get used to in school but it is a skill that degrades very easily. We forget how the simplest tasks can get rusty.  I look under drafting tools for different items that work well for leather making.

I finally was able to recreate the embedded/inlay  cuff but this time I placed the circle on top of the bracelet.  It was not a very good oval or circle so I know what I need to work on.


Cuff Bracelet blank


Craftool J815

Craftool Y649

Craftool G529

US Stamps BW5 (Veiner)

Rivets and Rivet Setter

Snaps and Snap Setter


Cordovan Dye cut down 25%dye 25% dilute

Color Box Crafter’s In Lime

Atomic Wax or Super Sheen

Other Tools

Box Cutter

Bone Folder

Rulers, Compasses, Circle Templates

Leather Cement

e6000 (The glue god)

This is similar to my Distressed Cuff Tutorial.

1) Case the leather.

2) Stamp flower patterns with the petal stamps

3) Cut a circle or oval, case, create stamping pattern

4) Cut out inner circle in the shape of your stone. Glue Stone to cuff. You want to burnish the edges of the cut circle now. Take water or wax, place on edges, take bone folder and rub. Your edges will be shiny and smooth.

5) Add leather cement to the edges, place over stone. It should be peeking out of the cut circle. Let dry overnight.

6) Punch four holes the size of the rivets.

7) Paint a think layer of green paint on the tool indentions. ( I painted all over but it didn’t work)

8) Let dry. Use Cordovan dye to begin dyeing the cuff.

(9) Use fine grit sand paper and sand bracelet until you like the distressing.

10) Repaint the tool indentions around the flower with the lime green paint.

11) Let Dry. Dye back with Cordovan Dye.

12) Place Atomic wax, buffer till shiny.

13) Burnish Edges with bone folder. (rub bone folder against edges)

14) Add rivets and snaps.




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