Leather 101: Hand Stitching

Hand Stitching Cuffs

Some leather goods benefit from hand stitching instead of machine stitching. As I have said before, It all depends on the leather ounce and what you are trying to accomplish. I mean I would not hand stitch garment leather. It is much too thin. However knife sheaths, coin purses, some wallets, and cuffs benefit from the beauty that  hand stitching can provide.

Some stitches are pretty straight forward and simple like this Coin Purse. I believe this it is called a running stitch.

Stitching in Hand


Or it can be done using a double needle saddle stitch like this new hand stitched cuff I have been working on.

Blog Pic


I was having a hard time with the leather sections staying adhered. It kept separating when the prototypes were worn. I had three options.

1) Glue the leather, again.

2) Rivet the piece in place.

3) Or practice my hand stitching.

I choose the latter and let me tell you the double needle sewing without a stitching pony is just plain murder on your hands. My thumbs have not been this sore since my last Call of Duty Marathon with Big E on the PS3. I have a few new books in my possession but what I learned about stitching is from a flimsy starter book I found on the Hobby Lobby shelves called The ABC’s of Leatherwork. There are some great resources out there but many of them are in Japanese because they have recently had a long love affair with Leather Crafting. Here are a few versions that I found to help guide you into the beauty of hand stitching.

Hand Stiching Resources and Tutorials

The Art of Hand Sewing Leather by Al Stohlman

Hand Sewing LeatherCraft for Bikers (In Chinese)

Hand Stitching Video 

Hand Stitching Video

Hand Stitching Video 

Hand Stitching Video

Mexican Braid

Mexican Braid Video 2

Leather Stitching Tutorial by Back Room Leather

I hope these resources help you gain the skills and patience needed for hand stitching.



2 thoughts on “Leather 101: Hand Stitching

  1. You have made me a huge leather cuff fan! Seriously- you do beautiful work my friend!

    1. Thank you so much because I really love making these cuffs.

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